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Living in the Freedom Frequency

Imagine Living On The Other Side of Worry and Stress.

Imagine Having the Courage to Express Your Heart’s Deepest Truth.

Imagine Living a More Authentic Life With Ease and Grace.

Imagine Cultivating an Inner State of Unconditional Love.

Imagine Having the Cure Within to Heal Your Physical Body.

Imagine Having the Ability to Transform Darkness into Light.

Life is Accelerating. Jobs and relationships are coming undone. We are experiencing a complete metamorphosis. All issues, challenges or “problems” in your life right now are invitations to awaken…asking you to spiral up from living in fear and tune intoThe FREEDOM FREQUENCY.

Now, you may be wondering, “What is the Freedom Frequency?”

Our Quantum physicists are telling us what mystics have known for a millennium. That the universe is made of energy and everything on this earth vibrates at certain frequencies, including our thoughts. What differentiates one form of energy from another is the speed at which it vibrates. Everything is a vibrational match to our thoughts. For example, happy thoughts vibrate at a very high frequency, and fearful thoughts vibrate at a lower frequency. Every human being vibrates at different frequencies. Your experiences are always a vibrational match to your vibrational thoughts.
If we are to experience the greatness of life then we need to begin with the transforming of Self at a foundation level, at a vibratory level so that higher consciousness can take root.

Let me explain more about what I mean… Both the Frequency of Freedom and the Frequency of Fear consists of electromagnetic fields of energy (perceived negative and positive experiences).  The ego lives in fear and your soul (Divinity) lives in the higher vibrational worlds of freedom.

The higher your vibration, the more you are tuned into higher levels of knowledge or Universal Intelligence.Every moment you emit a vibration which is also known as your energy signature. You tune into vibrations of other energy signatures in the same way you tune into your favourite radio station. When your energy is vibrating in the freedom frequency you open up to a powerful life force that is very attractive. When our energy is vibrating in the lower dimensions of fear we forget our power and block this life force.

To simplify things, I have created the lists below to show you what you may experience within each of the two main frequencies we experience as human beings. Within each frequency we experience many vibrations.

Living in Fear you may experience:

  • Fear of Your Power
  • Stress and Worry
  • Low Self Esteem
  • Addictions
  • Depression/Indifference
  • A Fragmented Soul
  • Greed and Competition
  • A Disconnection from Source
  • Blame/Confusion/Overwhelm
  • Arguments/Drama/Trauma
  • Illness and dis ease
  • Lower Selves that Hold You Back (Doubting Self, Resentful Self, Angry Self, Betrayal Self)
  • Low Energy/Stagnation
  • Lack of Passion and Purpose/ Direction

When You Tune into The Freedom Frequency you will experience:

  • Acknowledged for Who You Are
  • Connection to the Divine in Every Moment
  • A Knowing of Who You Are
  • No need for drugs
  • A Calm Mind
  • Attract Others Who Support Your Vision
  • Synchronicity
  • Vibrate in Your JOY
  • More Passion and Purpose
  • The Integration of Soul Fragments to Feel Whole and Complete
  • The Courage to Take Risks
  • Facing Your Fear and Do the Right Thing
  • The Voices of Wisdom ( Higher Self, Creative Self, the Masters Within)

Our thoughts and feelings determine the frequency at which we vibrate, and our vibration goes out into the world and attracts to us energy moving at a similar frequency. This is one of the ways in which we create our own reality.

Create a positive shift in your life by raising your vibration to that of the freedom frequency. Moving up and anchoring into the freedom frequency will give you incredible strength and the knowingness to accomplish anything you want. The vibrations within this frequency will integrate your mind, body, and soul.  It is here that you connect to your health and wealth consciousness and truly feel the greatest power in the universe ~ love. The core essence of the freedom frequency is love. It is not the love you may immediately think of or have experienced. It is a higher love that is only attainable by those who have disciplined the conscious ego, the forgetful self. It is what I refer to as enlightened love ~ A current of high vibrational energy that has the power to dissolve, transmute and transform  fear based energy vibrations that exist in the subconscious mind ( your energy field. )

What is the Subconscious Mind?

You actually only have ONE Mind which is divided into three parts.

Conscious Mind – Tip of iceberg. Your conscious mind is only aware of 10% of REALITY.

Subconscious Mind – Submerged section of iceberg (what you don’t see)

Divine Mind (Infinite Intelligence) – symbolized by water and air. Different forms of the same thing.

  • Your Subconscious Mind is like a mega memory bank. It stores every experience.
  • Your Subconscious Mind has the power to break up relationships or empower your relationships.
  • Your Subconscious Mind has the power to destroy your physical body or heal  your physical body.
  • Your Subconscious Mind has the power to cause people to be REPELLED by you or ATTRACTED to you.
  • Your Subconscious Mind has the power to Sabotage your efforts or Manifest Your Heart’s Desire.

Training Your Subconscious Mind is CRITICAL!

We can only go from one state of mind to a higher state of mind by transforming our Subconscious Mind. Within the vastness of the subconscious mind (the darkness) lives the many selves that make up the personality.

We are truly free when we choose to see beyond ourselves and embrace the bigger purpose of life. You have the capacity to anchor the freedom frequency in your own life by exploring your INNER SELVES and the energies trapped within them.

Do You Want to Know the BIG SECRET in How to Dissolve Problems, Create Conscious and Authentic Relationships and Live in the Freedom Frequency of Life?


Everything you want, need or desire is determined by how you are relating or

INTERACTING with others, to your experiences and especially with your SELVES!

What do I mean by this?

Every person in your life is first created within your mind. They represent your beliefs.

Your external mother is a reflection of the inner mother /feminine Self who lives within your subconscious mind.

Your external father is a reflection of the inner father/masculine Self who lives within your subconscious mind.

If you are feeling lonely there is a Lonely self within.

If you are feeling disrespected there is a Disrespectful self within.

If you experience angry people there is an Angry self within.

If you feel abandoned there is an Abandoned self Within.

If you feel frustrated maybe it is time you discovered your Frustrated self.




Everything in your life is first manifested within your Subconscious Mind. Your Subconscious is where your SOUL lives. So it is crucial to know how to INNER ACT with your SOUL so you can INTEGRATE, move into ALIGNMENT and RAISE your VIBRATION.



This is where one can make the clear distinction of which realm they choose to vibrate in

– Fear or Freedom.

How Does Tuning into The Freedom Frequency Benefit My Life?

The freedom frequency is your natural state of being. The Freedom Frequency affects every aspect of your life such as:

  • Your view of life is altered completely.
  • You recognize that you only attract your VIBRATIONAL MATCH .
  • Your entire belief system is transformed
  • You experience less fear and more ease and grace.
  • You no longer experience loneliness.
  • You are more intuitive
  • You have the power to transform illness and dis ease.
  • Your business functions with more ease and grace.
  • You become an attraction magnet.
  • Your relationships are mirrors of your own subconscious and this knowing brings forth a higher love with ALL you meet.
  • It is here you view life as multi dimensional.
  • Time is fluid, and everything is created just for the experience of it.
  • It is here that ecstasy goes beyond the orgasm, as we feel the force of the divine vibrating through every cell of our beings.
  • You feel whole and complete.
  • You become UNSTOPPABLE in everything you do.

The more we resist the more uncomfortable life will be.

What Holds Us Back in Achieving Freedom Within?

The cause of most pain and suffering is the separation of life or the lack of a central core of the “I AM”.

We are a soul attached to a spirit (Higher Self) and our body is the vehicle that houses our soul. You have a personality which rules the outer world ( the hologram or illusion) while your soul rules the inner world of truth. Those driven by personality tend to vibrate in fear based thinking. Your soul guides you to the highest expression of who you are ~ your Higher Self.

During our childhood if we have experienced any trauma, abuse, neglect, conflict, emotional unavailability, and feel unseen, the soul slightly separates itself from the physical body in order to protect itself.  A shield or protective boundary is created. Over time this can create many fragmented parts of our self weakening the energy field and allowing inner and outer dimensional influences to take over the physical body. This fragmentation (unconscious separation) is what causes the mental and emotional pain and suffering we experience.

Within your subconscious is pure intelligence and by learning how to give it a VOICE you discover why it holds you back, what it needs from you, and ultimately how to bring your conscious, subconscious and Universal Mind into alignment so you can LIVE in the FREEDOM FREQUENCY of Life.

Remember, What you experience in your outer world

is a reflection of your inner world.

Change your INNER World and your OUTER World Changes.

You will have the inner access to meet parts of yourself that are holding you back and instantly harness the power of your mind and create miracles in your life.

Sounds intriguing doesn’t it?

Soul InnerACTION gives you INSIGHT, or INNER Vision to see how easily it is to transform darkness into light, fear into freedom and connect with your Universal Mind.

Love is a current of energy that moves through you and is experienced as a energizing in the cells, where you feel expansive energy, spaciousness, clarity, ONENESS with Life.

What we crave most is CONNECTION. Unspoken communication is one of the biggest challenges in relationships. So if we want more meaningful and fulfilling relationships we will first need to learn how to express our deepest truth. Here you will be given a powerful tool to express and at the same time feel safe and supported.

Reframe What Hate Means To You

I know hate is a strong word, however; I am witnessing a lot of hate and judgement going on in the world. Hate is a disconnection to one’s own soul. Feeling the wrath of others is what can stop many entrepreneurs from rising up and sharing their message with the world.
I believe in love, respect, kindness and acknowledging the beauty of our soul and I know that not everyone is like me.
As you go after your dreams you will have people who love you, hate you and those who don’t care. Remember, people can only ever see you at their level of consciousness not yours. It is like trying to convince the people who believe the earth is flat that it is round. The more successful you become the more you will experience those who talk negatively about you.
When I first wrote my book, Living in the Freedom Frequency someone told me I should go to jail for writing it. Lol!! I have been judged, gossiped about, called a pretender, unauthentic and that I will never be more than my past. Well, I truly believe that when others call you names they are really talking about themselves.
When I am in a relationship my life for the most part remains private, as I must honour the requests of privacy. However, those who truly know me, I am an open book when you attend one of my workshops or have read my books.
You may have people in your life who only want to focus on your faults and flaws instead of the goodness and magic you have brought into their lives. I believe being human is in how much we have the ability to LOVE. To be kind and to deeply love ourselves so much that we no longer tolerate what dishonours our own soul.
No matter what, keep going after your dreams and the only TRUE voice that counts is the voice of your own SOUL, of your own Brilliant Self. Do not focus on those who do not believe in you.
Being a change maker means that at times, you are going to bump up with people who do not want change and in their mind, what you are sharing can not be possible. Sometimes, the people you love the most, whether that is family or friends, are not able to appreciate your success because it reminds them of their own failures. And you may even be judged by people who don’t even know you. Just send them love and then… turn around kamagra 100mg and ONLY face those who inspire you, who encourage you and uplift you! You are unstoppable!
Let go of what others think and KEEP RISING!!! And in the meantime, do not focus on the haters.. Reframe your fear of others not liking you or believing in you. Reframe your interpretation of hate so that you no longer fear those who are blinded by your light. Success looks good on you!! You are not alone!!

Abuse is not just physical.

All relationships are designed to empower, uplift and encourage you. Unfortunately for many relationships that isrespect not the case. Destructive relationship patterns such as abuse can sabotage everything that is beautiful.

Abuse is much more than just physical. Sometimes we can be in a relationship and not even be aware of the emotional or mental abuse that is cutting our heart cords.

Emotional or mental abuse can look like:

1. Humiliating or embarrassing you.

2. Constant put-downs.

3. Silent treatment – Refusing to communicate.

4. Ignoring or excluding you.

5. Extramarital affairs.

6. Provocative behavior with opposite sex.

7. Use of sarcasm and unpleasant tone of voice.

8. Unreasonable jealousy.

9. Extreme moodiness.

10. Mean jokes or constantly making fun of you.

11. Saying “I love you but…”

12. Saying things like “If you don’t _____, I will_____.”

13. Domination and control.

14. Withdrawal of affection – holding love back.

15. Guilt trips.

16. Making everything your fault.

17. Isolating you from friends and family.

18. Using money to control.

19. Constant calling or texting when you are not with him/her.

20. Threatening to commit suicide if you leave.

If the above list sounds familiar I urge you to seek coaching or counselling. Abusers are expert manipulators as they know how to get you to believe that the way you are being treated is your fault. These people know that everyone has insecurities, and they use those insecurities against you. Abusers can convince you that you do not deserve better treatment or that they are treating you this way to “help” you. Some abusers even act quite charming and nice in public so that others have a good impression of them. In private it is a different story.

How do I know this? I have experienced physical, mental and emotional abuse in my relationships. And one thing I do know is that an abuser can transform into a gentleman or lady. Yes, we women are often emotional and mental abusers in relationships and we don’t even realize it. When I was in my twenties and married to an abuser I have to admit my truth and say that I had many of the behaviours on the above list too. It wasn’t just about him. He was a mirror showing me how much I did not love myself.

It wasn’t my fault. I had no idea of the default programming that was so ingrained in my subconscious mind. It wasn’t until my spiritual awakening that I realized I was just following the same relationship patterns my parents had. And I could not blame them either. They did not know any better. Now I could make a conscious choice to change who I was being as I was determined to become a better person. I was so determined to do whatever it took to live above the line. I made the choice to embrace loving behaviours and actions.

I do believe any human being can transform and live above the line. How? The key to their transformation is a spiritual awakening.

My beloved Alan had a spiritual awakening to his own destructive patterns and behaviours which were taught to him by his father. He now teaches men how to step up, show up and transform themselves and become a REAL MAN. I show women how to stop being a victim in life and to embrace their brilliance so they can attract more love, respect and appreciation.

At our Empowered Relationship Weekend we show you how to connect to release those destructive relationship patterns and create new empowered relationships now and in the future.

You are LOVE! You deserve happiness.