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Higher Idea #1 – Give Your Self the Gift of Time

Do you believe time is speeding up or slowing down?  How often do you say to your friends or family, I don’t have time?

What if you discovered that you have the power to expand or contract time? Yes, your mind is very powerful and it is your thoughts and feelings that create your experiences.

Now, you may juggling the many responsibilities of being a parent or being in relationship or you may be a business owner with a very large “To-Do list”. I get it!

Our every day stresses and  responsibilities can keep us trapped in the ‘busyness’ of life.  I know there are only 24 hours in a day and maybe your To Do list is a mile long.

What if, the next time you catch yourself saying, “I am too busy” or “I don’t have time.” you stop everything you are doing? Just stop! Take a moment to breathe and then ask yourself the question, “If I am the creator of my routine when did I allow my routine to take over my life?” Now breathe into the word busy and the phrase, I don’t have time. Expand your awareness and feel into these words. Do you feel constricted or do you feel expansion? The word busy carries the vibration of chaos and stress especially if you leave things to the last minute.

With all this busyness how can you have time to nurture your mind, body and spirit?  Here is the answer. Only you can create time for yourself.  If you are caught up in the vibration of busyness you may have forgotten that you are the one who created your busy schedule in the first place. Your busyness is a learned behaviour.

For some reason we have been taught to wear busyness like a badge of honour believing that if we are not busy doing, doing, doing, everything will fall a part. We have also come to believe that there is not enough time in the day. We have created restriction within our own mind.

The truth is, you can create your day to be exactly what you want it to be. Begin to view time from a higher perspective. Begin to see and know that time is fluid, it is not linear. Time constricts when your thinking is constricted. Time expands when you feel expansion of your spirit.

Fifteen years ago I stopped wearing a watch. Why? Because as long as I was time bound I found it more challenging to live in the present moment. The more I made the choice to live in the moment the more I experienced time expanding. I now live on divine time (listen to my inner clock) and know that I am always successful engaged in the right activity and there is plenty of time for everything.

Today’s Higher Idea: Since you are the creator of your reality, say goodbye to your ‘too busy’ self. You are now releasing chaos from your life. From this moment forward begin by substituting the word ‘busy’ with ‘creative’ or ‘active’ or ‘eventful’.  You can say, “I have had a creative day”, or “I had a very eventful day.” I also recommend you replace the phrase, I don’t have time, with I have plenty of time for everything.

Take a deep breath in…and release…Ahhh! I feel your life expanding already. Now you have plenty of time to listen to what makes your heart sing.

Excerpt from the soon to be published Freedom Frequency book. Sharing Higher Ideas that will empower you to live above the line and ultimately free yourself from negative emotions that can sabatoge relationships. Click here to learn more.

My dad left my mom for her best friend

My dad left my mom for her best friend

At the time my mom was devastated.

To top it off they had been living in a small town so everyone knew.

While I felt sorry for my mom, alone in her house, I was oddly relieved.

My brother was living on the coast and I was married and living in Calgary when the news broke..I was really happy for my dad.  The way he went about leaving my mom was not ideal, however; I was glad he had broken free and was charting his own path to happiness.

My parents had not been happy as long as I could remember.  Even when I was in grade eight helping my dad chop wood, I remember telling him to get a divorce. No, they wanted to stay together for the sake of my brother and I.  Please!! Needless, to say I could not wait to leave home once I graduated.  Our home had been a toxic soup of blame, resentment and false smiles when friends or relatives showed up.

My mom eventually moved to the coast and for years after, visiting her during the holidays was especially difficult as she continually held on to the bitterness of my dad leaving her. I was growing spiritually and as much as I deeply loved my mom, I could no longer tolerate her harsh words and negative attitude towards my dad.  I shared with her that if she wanted to see me, she would need to find a way to learn how to forgive and let go of the past.

Within the next year and through a turn of divinely timed events my mom woke up and recognized how her negative thoughts about life were creating a world of dis-ease and loneliness. She was finally ready to let go of the pain of yesterday and since I was  now a Relationship Coach, she asked if I could help her cross the bridge and create a new family connection.  I was so proud of her and asked her if she wanted to move to Calgary and live with me since my brother was now living here as well.

Six months later, my mom moved in with me. With a willingness and learning attitude she took my coaching program.  It was not easy Phenq to shift the mind of a woman who was sixty four years young but she did it!!  As she forgive herself for all the pain she had caused, she was able to forgive my dad and my now step mom. She began to see the divine gift in everything and through forgiveness her heart opened.  And a new man stepped into her life. A man who became my step dad.

Forgiveness and choosing to let go of the past brought a new way of being into my mom’s life. So much so, that when I had a house party I invited both sets of parents to meet for the first time since my dad had left.  Both asked their Higher Self to be present and sure enough the introduction of the four led to the most incredible reunion of laughter, connection, and shared memories. A new bond of friendship was born.  Every year after, until my step father passed away, we all spent every holiday together.

Love made a dream come true.  I organized a trip to New York for both sets of parents and my brother and I.  That trip was a highlight of my life as I sat and witnessed my mom and step mom giggling like little girls as they shopped in Macy’s.  It was all because many years ago, my mom said yes to forgiveness, let go of the past and divinely stepped into life.

Thank you mom. I love you.



Journey Beyond the Familiar

Are you saying YES to your life? Are you bored with the status quo or are you taking steps to fulfill your dreams?

There is, where you are right now, which is your current reality, then there is that place in your mind, that never ending dream or vision of where you want to be, your preferred reality.

If your current reality is one that is familiar you may feel a sense of boredom, restlessness or  experiencing stagnation in your relationships, your business and/or your life. Familiarity is great as it creates a sense of comfort and security however; our spirit always seeks newness. And of course, newness always brings us into the unknown. Stepping into the unknown can amplify the fear and uncertainty in our minds.

I have lived most of my life in the unknown, not knowing where the money would come to pay the rent, not knowing if my business would attract paying clients, not knowing where I was going to live, and on and on. Then I began to realize that my Higher Self was guiding me on the most incredible journey, the journey beyond the familiar, the journey of manifesting my dreams. To live my dream I needed to be a completely different person than I was and this meant complete upheaval of all that was known.

I believe that everything in our lives that is not built on a solid foundation of truth must collapse. We are in the midst of a planetary awakening and we are shifting from a fear-based world of greed, competition and lack to a love-based world filled with generosity, respect and abundance for all.

No matter who you are, no matter what you have done or not done, YOU can live in the freedom frequency of life. Now is the time to leave your fear and judgments behind and replace them with curiosity.

I ask you, “Are you ready to know more, to experience more, to feel more than you ever have? Are you ready to experience your connection with the Divine rather than just reading about it? Are you ready to claim your power? Are you ready to live life fully and love deeply?” If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then congratulations,you are ready to dive deep in to the most fascinating journey. You are now an explorer on an amazing adventure~ A journey beyond the familiar.