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I met an angel in disguise at Safeway.

Have you ever been approached by a homeless person and pretended they weren’t there? Did you ignore their presence and continue on your way?  The next time you are approached and asked to give money I would like for you to open up to a new experience.  You may be surprized with the outcome.  I was.

I had just finished shopping at Safeway and as I walked through the “Out” door in the direction of my vehicle, a scruffy faced man wearing a torn shirt and a tattered overcoat said with a smile, “Do you have any money you can spare?” At first I was going to say my usual line of, “No, I give in many ways.” However; this time I was divinely guided to open up to him. I stopped and turned to face him and said, “Yes, I do. I will give you money if you share with me your words of wisdom.” He looked at me puzzled and replied, “I don’t have any wisdom.” I smiled and then repeated, “I will give you  money when you share with me your words of wisdom.” He looked away for a moment, then his eyes met mine and he said without hesitation, “Do what you need to do for you and the rest will follow.”  Well!!  I had truth bumps go up and down my spine. My whole body tingled. My eyes widen as these words were exactly what I needed to hear.  My Higher Self opened my eyes for me to see that we are not strangers. I felt a sense of oneness. That he was buy provigil not lost. That he did not need to be fixed, healed, or changed.  I then said to this angel before me who stood in his earthly disguise, “Thank you. You are a brilliant man.” I then gave him his money. He nodded with a knowing smile and walked away.

The next time a homeless person asks you for money, ask them to share their wisdom with you in exchange. I would love to hear the wisdom you receive.

Divine messangers are all around us if we choose to see beyond the illusion.

Extraordinary Results #2

I worked with a client recently who was frustrated with feeling like she was wasting her life in fear. She was tired of everyone else telling her what to do, how to be, and how to live and not having the courage or the clarity to act decisively in her life. Through Enlightened Love coaching she was amazed to discover the path to her Higher Self and open up to her own inner wisdom.

Now, in less than 3 months she can stand in peace even if chaos surrounds her. She always knew intellectually she had the answers within; she just never knew how to access that deeper part of herself.  Now she is living in the realm of enlightened love and living her life passionately instead of just existing. She relates to her children with more patience. She relates to her ex-husband with compassion as she can clearly see the little boy in him that never grew up. She is letting go of seeing wrongness in others. She is letting go of needing to be liked by everyone and to love herself first. She knows that even though she may experience tragedy and chaos in life, she does not need to become it. She is now centered in herself and knows that the only thing that is real is love. She no longer seeks outside of herself. Now that is power…EmPOWERment.

What discontent and story are you ready to transmute that still lurks in the shadows? How truthful are you willing to become to transform your own disassociation and discord, into living enlightened love?

Extraordinary Results #1

Today I am drawn to share my reflections on a past client who was struggling to attract the right man in her life,. Throughout her adult life she had been attracting men who were emotionally unavailable and for whatever reason an energetic wall of separation would stop intimacy from blossoming.

During our session I had her refocus her attention on the energy she had wrapped around the masculine. In the safe and supported space, and using the tools I gave her, she was able to see how her longing to be loved and appreciated by men was connected to a longing to be loved and appreciated by her father. Here, within one hour, she was able to finally see the truth that her father did not know how to love himself. She instantly saw her father differently. For the first time she felt compassion instead of resentment as her heart began to open. Her wall of past resentment had broken down and a new bridge of understanding and forgiveness had been created. After the session was complete, she explained to me that she had not physically seen her father in many years.

Two weeks and a couple of Soul Inner Action sessions later she called me and said the most amazing thing had happened. Her father had called her out of the blue.  Because she had done the inner work she was able to build a new relationship with her father. This freed her to open herself up to romantic possibility in a fully mature way. She is now in love with a man who is perfect for her and blissfully happy in her relationship.

Are you blissfully happy in your relationship? If not, why not?  Relationships take work, INNER WORK!!  You have the power to shift your thoughts and release the energetic hold of your past. This soulful work leads to an open heart where you can then fall in love with your life.

Are you truly free? Or is your past still holding you back?