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Girls Embracing Brilliance

Girls Embracing BrillianceLast month I created an event called Mothers, Daughters, Sisters and Girlfriends. It was a spectacular evening with over 65 girls and women celebrating themselves and each other.

I just had to share a photo and a mother’s words I received the following day.

Thank you for such an inspiring night – on the way home I asked Tsai-Ann what she learned and I kid you not she said “to live in the light and not the darkness and live above the line”  ~ Asiah Sayavong-Cedeno

From everything that was said, and from all the fun activities that were experienced this little girl remembered my message about living in The Freedom Frequency. Ah-mazing! Just goes to show that no matter what age we are there is simplicity in the message when we truly embrace it.


I Have Decided to Be Happy

My friend, Laura Simonson, introduced me to this song, by Copper Wimmin. Copper Wimmin were an American women-only vocal group. They formed in the late 1990s, and released three albums. Their lyrics mainly deal with the empowerment of women.  

This song, Kinder (lyrics below) speak to all of us, men and women, in how we have the power to make a choice in every moment, to let go of the voices within that do not serve us and to listen to the wisdom of our own Brilliant and Loving Self. 

Lyrics to Kinder

I’ve decided to be happy
I’ve decided to be glad
I’ve decided to be grateful
For all I ever had
I’ve decided to let go
Of all this pain tonight
I’ve decided to let go
Of all these demons inside

I know…I am blessed
I know…all I ever wanted was this
I know…I don’t need more
I’ve got… what I came for

I’ve decided to be open
For that little voice inside
Telling me I’m beautiful
It’s okay to be alive
I’ve decided to be kinder
To myself when I am sad
I’ve decided to be grateful
For all I ever had

What is your emotional pain costing you?

Do you believe that emotions represent weakness? Do you do whatever it takes to hide the heavy burden you are carrying? Do you hide behind drugs, alcohol, sex, food or your career so you will not have to feel? Will you do anything to escape feeling?

The incredible thing about life is that it always forces us to change our limited ideas and if we continue to ignore the natural laws of creation, the cycle of destruction, chaos and death is sure to remind us.

What is it costing you to be afraid of your emotional pain?

Emotional Integrity is the ability to recognize the truth behind your feelings. If you are unable to manifest what you want in life it is because you have yet to clear out fear based energies from the foundation of who you are.

You have the power  to rise above your emotional pain. How? When you learn to probe underneath the emotion and explore the truth of what you are feeling. This involves the process of releasing heavy energies trapped in your physical body and exchanging them for lighter energies that uplift you.

Spiritual masters remind us that the secret to receiving what we truly want in life must come through the emotional body. This does not mean creating an emotional scene in order to get your way or to manipulate someone. This pattern will only give you more of what you do not want.

Your emotional dimension is like a guidance system that represents the level of disharmony in your mind and body. If the energy is intense, then this aspect of yourself reminds you to stop doing what ever it is you are doing and take a different course of action. On the other side of your emotional pain is the experience of true joy and ecstasy in every moment.

Many people have lost their employment, relationships, or connections with their family from not knowing how to deal with their emotions. Others stay emotionally distant because they have difficulty managing a complex of feelings, decisions, and conflicts. If you want to improve the quality of your life, knowing how to work with your emotional dimension will assist in building self-esteem and the confidence to handle any situation, be it personally or professionally.  We no longer need to buy in to the fear and doubt that once paralyzed us.

To the degree you allow yourself to feel and breathe through your perceived negative emotions instead of blaming others for how you feel, is the degree you will experience the bliss and ecstasy of life from within.

You are bold, brilliant and an incredible human being with unlimited potential.

You are not alone.

Karen Klassen