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Extraordinary Results #1

Today I am drawn to share my reflections on a past client who was struggling to attract the right man in her life,. Throughout her adult life she had been attracting men who were emotionally unavailable and for whatever reason an energetic wall of separation would stop intimacy from blossoming.

During our session I had her refocus her attention on the energy she had wrapped around the masculine. In the safe and supported space, and using the tools I gave her, she was able to see how her longing to be loved and appreciated by men was connected to a longing to be loved and appreciated by her father. Here, within one hour, she was able to finally see the truth that her father did not know how to love himself. She instantly saw her father differently. For the first time she felt compassion instead of resentment as her heart began to open. Her wall of past resentment had broken down and a new bridge of understanding and forgiveness had been created. After the session was complete, she explained to me that she had not physically seen her father in many years.

Two weeks and a couple of Soul Inner Action sessions later she called me and said the most amazing thing had happened. Her father had called her out of the blue.  Because she had done the inner work she was able to build a new relationship with her father. This freed her to open herself up to romantic possibility in a fully mature way. She is now in love with a man who is perfect for her and blissfully happy in her relationship.

Are you blissfully happy in your relationship? If not, why not?  Relationships take work, INNER WORK!!  You have the power to shift your thoughts and release the energetic hold of your past. This soulful work leads to an open heart where you can then fall in love with your life.

Are you truly free? Or is your past still holding you back?

Higher Idea #3 Loving Life No Matter What

Since I coach others on how to love their life no matter what, I thought I would share a bit about my journey.  Ok, take a deep breath. Over the past 6 months, I have been in transition or as my friend Steve says, I have plateaued which means I am getting ready to skyrocket. What do I mean by transition? Well, I have no home and I have no vehicle. Why, you may ask?  I believe my Higher Self is preparing me for something, however; living out of a suitcase and being a gypsy was not what I consciously planned.  At first, my ego was angry and thrashed about at the idea of letting go of my condo, putting my things in storage and living at my mom’s at the age of 46.

I have come to trust my Higher Self so instead of listening to the fearful mind of my ego and being in resistance or attempting to force change because I do not like what is showing up right in front of me, I now recognize one of the most powerful life lessons, the law of detachment.  Life is always asking us to not become attached to things, ideas, or people as when we are, we will always experience emotional, mental and physical detachment or the cutting of the cord, so to speak. This is why we grieve for our losses or what we perceive we’ve lost. When all detachment really is, is a process of waking up to our own truth ~ The truth that nothing outside of ourselves can define us.

Years ago, I thought that having things would define me, make me happy or give me a level of security, which I now find the idea rather amusing. The reason is, in having or living in the nothingness I feel more secure about who I AM now than I ever have before. I can be in the nothingness, in the unknown and yet deeply know that I am supported, connected and unconditionally loved by the universe.  I do not need anything outside of myself to make me whole, happy and loving for all this lives inside of me. Letting go of the need to have things because they define me is truly empowering.

My theme for 2011 is love and luxury. For love is the only thing that is real and it is a luxury to be on this planet at this time. Now, I absolutely LOVE the physical world (especially food and beautiful clothes… oh and shoes..oh and …lol!) and ALL we have collectively created.  We are meant to experience ALL THAT IS and yet remain detached in loving gratitude.  I know am here to experience all that is beautiful and luxurious and at the same time stay in the moment as life can shift in a heartbeat. I have learned to release my idea of what is right and wrong. Instead I choose to see the brilliance of divine manifestation as it unfolds before me and how each moment is guiding me to my ultimate destiny.

During this experience I have been given an incredible gift of recognizing brilliance in women and the unconditional giving of the feminine. My mom has been my greatest supporter, always there without judgement. During my many transitions, five Goddess girlfriends, Michelle, Krista, Katharina, Janice and Laura have generously and without hesitation, nurtured me either by offering their homes, or a room, shared their food, their vehicles and massive amounts of support as I spiral up on my journey. They are truly an example of the compassion and unconditional love that lives in the hearts of divinely brilliant women.  I am forever grateful.

I do look forward to the day my Higher Self says, “Here is your home, a sanctuary you can call your own to enjoy all things beautiful.”  For now, as Laura lovingly reminds me, my home is where my heart is.

Love Your Life No Matter What as Brilliance is Who You Are On the Inside

And Not What You Have on the Outside.

Share with me what you are choosing to let go of  in faith. Do you trust that your Higher Self has a bigger plan for you?

Higher Idea #2 – Get Real With Where You Are

Our ego is the one that stops us from seeking newness.
It is our spirit that says yes to viewing life from a different perspective.

In order to spiral up in life and tune into your destiny, it’s important to get real with where you are right now. Get real with where you are financially, in your relationships, environment, health, spirituality, family and career. This means defining for yourself what you want, what you really need and what you really desire. In order to know where you want to go in life, you first need to know where you are.

If you want to experience the freedom to be who you are, you will need to create your personal foundation. I highly recommend you build your foundation on truth. The energy of truth must go deep if you want your life to rise up. If your foundation is built on shaky ground filled with fear, deception and doubt, your life will come tumbling down like a deck of cards. No matter what you have done or not done, start now and get real with what is. Let today be your starting point.

Today’s Higher Idea: Take a moment and write what you are ready to get real with. Write! Write! Write! Do not edit your thoughts. Allow for full expression and face the truth. Putting your mind on paper will set you free.  I would love for you to share one thing your ready to get real with.