Reframe What Hate Means To You

I know hate is a strong word, however; I am witnessing a lot of hate and judgement going on in the world. Hate is a disconnection to one’s own soul. Feeling the wrath of others is what can stop many entrepreneurs from rising up and sharing their message with the world.
I believe in love, respect, kindness and acknowledging the beauty of our soul and I know that not everyone is like me.
As you go after your dreams you will have people who love you, hate you and those who don’t care. Remember, people can only ever see you at their level of consciousness not yours. It is like trying to convince the people who believe the earth is flat that it is round. The more successful you become the more you will experience those who talk negatively about you.
When I first wrote my book, Living in the Freedom Frequency someone told me I should go to jail for writing it. Lol!! I have been judged, gossiped about, called a pretender, unauthentic and that I will never be more than my past. Well, I truly believe that when others call you names they are really talking about themselves.
When I am in a relationship my life for the most part remains private, as I must honour the requests of privacy. However, those who truly know me, I am an open book when you attend one of my workshops or have read my books.
You may have people in your life who only want to focus on your faults and flaws instead of the goodness and magic you have brought into their lives. I believe being human is in how much we have the ability to LOVE. To be kind and to deeply love ourselves so much that we no longer tolerate what dishonours our own soul.
No matter what, keep going after your dreams and the only TRUE voice that counts is the voice of your own SOUL, of your own Brilliant Self. Do not focus on those who do not believe in you.
Being a change maker means that at times, you are going to bump up with people who do not want change and in their mind, what you are sharing can not be possible. Sometimes, the people you love the most, whether that is family or friends, are not able to appreciate your success because it reminds them of their own failures. And you may even be judged by people who don’t even know you. Just send them love and then… turn around kamagra 100mg and ONLY face those who inspire you, who encourage you and uplift you! You are unstoppable!
Let go of what others think and KEEP RISING!!! And in the meantime, do not focus on the haters.. Reframe your fear of others not liking you or believing in you. Reframe your interpretation of hate so that you no longer fear those who are blinded by your light. Success looks good on you!! You are not alone!!
Karen Klassen

Hello I am Karen Klassen. I have the ability to show you how to fall in love with who you are by breaking the chains around your heart so you can live a prosperous and fulfilling life. Together we RISE!

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