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Successful People Meditate

What excuse do you have that stops you from meditating? Is it, “I don’t have time,” or “I can’t focus,” or “I can’t sit still,” or “There are too many thoughts in my head”?
Why is it that we will sit behind the wheel of a vehicle and put ourselves into the chaos of traffic, but putting ourselves into the chaos of our thoughts is too scary?
If we are afraid of our minds and ourselves, we then live in fear of others and the world we live in. One of the main reasons why I teach meditation is to assist people in relinquishing the fears that limits them so they can see that underneath all fear is their own divinity.
Meditation is the most transformative tool that I have been practicing and teaching now for 25 years. Every sage or prophet became who they are through the power of meditation. You embody what you constantly think about, so if you want to embody the higher vibrational energies above the line, then I suggest meditation.
In meditation, you become the observer of your thoughts instead of engaging in them. Meditation is about being. Meditation connects you to your Divine Mind, to your higher intelligence.
When you meditate, you enter the theta state. It is known that learning is accelerated when you are in a trance-like state. Meditation leads the way to whole brain thinking which is the integration of both left and right hemispheres. This integration opens the doors of perception, allowing higher information to active your wellness cells in your bod. Becoming more mindful of your thoughts, words, and actions will also inspire you toward a higher expression of character.
Think you do not have time? If you have time to watch a thirty-minute television show, you have time to meditate.
Think you do not know how to do it right? There is no right or wrong way to meditate. If you feel resistance to meditation, it’s because you’re afraid to discover what’s in your mind. Meditation will guide you to discover the secrets to overcoming your fear.
When you meditate for long periods of time, images will appear; sometimes a sequence of images, just like a movie, will cross the screen of your mind. These images are like billboards, offering you guidance on your journey. It is here you receive all the answers to your questions.
To manifest what you want in this world, you cannot just sit and wait for it. You need to take inspired action! Action includes physical and mental action, emotional responses, and spiritual disciplines that lead to a desired outcome. If you take action from a place of fear or are constantly pushing to make something happen you may be disappointed with your results.
Below is a simple guideline for people who are new to meditation. I highly recommend a silent meditation, which allows you to explore and be the observer of your thoughts. This meditation is not about quieting the mind—that takes greater practice. There is no goal here. Just sit and be. Take approximately fifteen minutes to do this exercise.
1) Preparation: Light a candle, turn off the lights, phone, computer, and television. If you live with others, communicate your intentions so you will not be disturbed.
2) Sit on a chair with feet flat on the floor. Relax your arms on the top of your thighs with palms facing up.
3) Now close your eyes.
4) Take three slow deep breaths, inhaling and exhaling slowly through your nose.
5) Keep your focus on your breath.
6) Observe your thoughts and sit in silence for fifteen minutes.
7) If your thoughts become too overwhelming, say, “Thank you” to your thoughts and let them pass by. Return the focus to your breath.
8) Sit and listen to the silence that’s around you.
Congratulations! You’re meditating and on the way to transforming your mind, soul, body, and life.
Meditation is known to reduce stress, enhance concentration and heighten clarity in solving problems. For this reason, many business executives (and celebrities in above video) are tuning into the many benefits that meditation offers.
Leaders are known for making quick decisions. Enlightened leaders meditate first before making any decision. They let their Brilliant Self guide them in making the best possible choices that will serve everyone as they connect to their heart, values, and the principles that guide their lives. Whenever you are asked to make a decision, you can say, “I will meditate on the answer, and I will let you know my decision in 24 hours.”
Today’s Higher Idea: Practice the above meditation every morning to start your day refreshed and in alignment with who you are. You are the creator of your schedule, so it is important to take time for you and awaken to your spirituality.
If you need help. meditate with me below! 

You Have Two Voices In Your Mind – Which One Are You Listening Too?

So many people are experiencing physical and emotional stress and they do not even realize it. As we move through life our mind is processing or filtering our experiences as either bad or good.
Every human being has two trains of thought – negative and positive.
This means you have two inner voices –  one voice that  EMPOWERS YOU and the other that is your INNER CRITIC.
Unfortunately, your brain is wired to be negative, If just “thinking positive’ worked, every human being would be happy and in bliss. Right? So it is not just about having a positive mindset. There is something deeper here and this is the secret that many people do not realize. In order to gain your power back the first step is awareness. Having the awareness of which voice you are choosing to listen to! You will need to ask yourself, Which voice am I listening to right now?
In order to FREE your mind from depression, anger, hurt or any lower emotional states, you must FACE those inner demons, the INNER CRITIC inside of you that says, You are not good enough, You are not smart enough, or You are a failure.” When you do not face those inner “fallen angels”, that unconscious programming can be the cause of so much cialis generika chaos in your relationships, your health and in your work environment.
It is those parts of you that you are afraid of that control you! 
Your inner demons are defined as that part of you that keeps you in a lower state of depression, loneliness, self sabotage, destructive behaviours, ​and ultimately unhappy.  If you have an outer battle in your life it is due to an inner battle going on between your ego and soul. You have an Empowered voice inside of you that says, “You can do anything you set your mind too, You are powerful, You are intelligent. “ 
Once you learn how to stop fighting yourself you stop fighting life. Once you have the courage to face your inner demons the next step is knowing HOW.
How does one face their own mind?
It doesn’t have to be all consuming or complicated. I have created the Divine Mind Conversation that I have been teaching my clients for over 15 years. It is a powerful creative visualization process that shows you how to face your shadow selves so you can rise up and experience more JOY, LOVE and inner peace. In fact, I have taken clients from depression to inner peace within 6 – 12 months. I believe you are meant to experience depression, however; you are not meant to live a depressing life.  Joy and happiness is your natural state.
Once you learn how to go within and face that part of you, that you are most afraid of… you shift EVERYTHING!!
And you discover an untapped power,  a power so incredible, you can transform darkness into light within moments. You begin to believe in yourself again. To believe and see in your own mind that you have the power to imagine yourself climbing out of the mud and see yourself walking forward on solid ground.
Only when you dive in and express your deep dark secrets will you feel lighter. A powerful practice I suggest is to write out (yes pen and paper) all your deep dark secrets. Get your mind on paper.. Then once you have finished writing I recommend you shred it. You will feel a profound sense of relief.
I recommend the Emotional Integrity Process as well. It is so important for you to reconnect to your own kamagra kaufen inner Empowered Self (what I call your Brilliant Self (the aspect of you that can see life from the highest view point), You have innate wisdom inside of you and when you connect to the core TRUTH of who you are, you then are able to see more clearly, shift your thoughts and ultimately transform your emotional energy which pops you out of the muck and into a beautiful life. Now you can get out of your own way!
This takes patience and self compassion.
There is a way out and I am here to support you all the way.
I know you will enjoy this is a multi-sensory mini movie designed to inspire you in saying YES to doing the inner work necessary and create more self-empowering thoughts. Take a deep breath and inhale the words.

The New Children

This is a powerful video about the New Children. These children will create the change we seek in living a love based world. But first we must listen. 

It starts with us. It starts with parents of children, teachers of children to begin listening and to open our eyes and see their pure potential and gifts.

This is why we need to stop giving the children who have ADD drugs.

video shared from Lucas Gath