3 Keys to Emotional Integrity

Do you want to have a life that really matters?

This could be the year that you look back and remember as extraordinary, a year that stands out above the rest. You can choose to play full out and not allow your fears and circumstances to be the master of your life. On the other hand, you could have this be another ho hum year, wallowing around in your story. A story that is filled with regrets, mediocrity and self-drama.

When your STORY gets bigger than your dreams, you are in trouble. If you want to experience more respect, love and peace of mind in your life or more meaningful relationships whether it is personal or business then it is time for you to become accountable for how you FEEL and seek a healthier expression in releasing your emotions.

This is why I created, the Emotional Integrity Process which is a three-part process and as with all processes there is a beginning, a middle and an end. All three are important steps that if carried through in the order given will greatly benefit your life. Anytime you feel you are about to breakdown remember to – prepare, surrender and connect by proceeding with the following steps.

Preparing for the Emotional Integrity Process

The Emotional Integrity Process is designed to RELEASE THE NEGATIVE ENERGETIC CHARGE from your physical body and energy field so you can embrace your DIVINE GIFTS.

The Emotional Integrity Process (EIP) is a healthy way to express your perceived negative emotions instead of releasing and transferring pent up toxic energy on your loved ones. This is a wonderful gift to give to your children as they are deeply affected by toxic emotional energy.

The EIP allows you to become intimate with all of who you are and ALL of who you are not. Intimacy is creating a strong relationship with your inner selves. Intimacy begins with being connected to your emotions. In order for tears to flow one must feel emotional safety. Emotional safety is required to drop into the heart and it is your heart that is carrying much of the toxic energies such as anger and resentment.

To prepare and create a safe environment I recommend the following.

  • Make sure you are comfortable and alone in the privacy of your home and you know that you will not be disturbed. I would suggest giving yourself at least one hour to complete the process.
  • Tears are going to flow so you will need a tissue box beside you and blow your nose as necessary. After all, this is where you viewing your tears as a good thing knowing your body needs to release fear based energy.
  • Prepare a place for you that is comfortable and safe. A couch is perfect as it gives you room and your couch can take the punches when you are expressing anger.

You will be kneeling as if your couch or bed is an alter, so you may want to put a pillow underneath your knees and have one in front of you to hold and talk in to. As well as a blanket for comfort.

As I mentioned this is a three-step process. I highly recommend you complete all three so that you can receive the full benefits that are available to you.

Ok, let’s begin.

The First Step – Express Your Self

angry man

  • Kneel in front of a soft padded couch or bed and ask for your Brilliant Self or Higher Self to be with you and assist you in letting go.
  • Give yourself permission to allow for full expression of your fear-based emotions such as anger, frustration or any stress you feel. Yes, you can swear. It is your inner Fallen Angels( negative voices) letting you know how they feel about you and your life. If you express the venom here then Step 3 is where I show you how to cleanse your energy field of fear based (limited beliefs) energy.
  • Give yourself permission to talk out loud. Talking out loud is very important. Allow every thought to be expressed. Do not edit your thoughts or words. Speak of what is disappointing you in your life, what you do not want anymore. You may have been told to resist all negative thinking and to only think positive. I want you to let go of the idea of duality. Let go of seeing emotions as negative or positive. Instead see everything that moves through you as a necessary step in the evolution of your mind and emotional dimension. Let go of the idea of good or bad emotions. Express it ALL to the God of your understanding because God can handle it. Here you will discover that the universe loves you no matter what you do or what you say.
  • Remember, you are not your emotions; it is just an energy passing through you. So release the heavy energies by expressing out loud all the anger, rage, hatred, confusion, overwhelm and frustration and pour it in to your pillow or couch. Punch the seat of your couch or your pillow. Use everything you’ve got. Get all that energy out. You don’t need it anymore. You may be surprised by the words that come out of your mouth. Just keep venting.

The Second Step – The Surrender

Anger is a very toxic energy for the person expressing, so you want to make sure you release it fully. Underneath anger is sadness. Underneath sadness is fear. Underneath fear is your divinity. You are peeling the onion of your mind. The guilt may surface now as you feel into all the perceived wrong doings you caused others throughout your life, Surrender now to your sadness and allow the tears to cleanse your mind and body.

  • This is where you take it to the floor. I want you to take your pillow and blanket and lay on the floor in front of the couch or bed. Now lay in a fetal position as if you are a baby still in the womb. Do not be afraid of your feelings. Let it all out. Do not hold back. Give yourself full permission to cry. Let the tears flow like you never have before. Let the universe know what you are afraid of. Feel your guilt, feel your shame for all the pain you have caused others. Let your emotional pain be washed away. Let the universe know what you are sorry for – admit the truth of all your wrong doings. Feel the emotional pain of separation that you may have been carrying for many years, your feelings of loneliness and the separation from truth. It is time to get real with yourself. Stop pretending to be strong and let go. Allow yourself to be vulnerable. Allow yourself to forgive. Forgive yourself. You can only become whole when you surrender to the truth of what is calling to be awakened within.
  • Here you are spiraling deeper in to your emotional pain and this takes great courage. Underneath sadness is fear. Fear will start surfacing and you are not asked to acknowledge either out loud or to yourself what you are afraid of. Acknowledge all fear that bubbles up, such as the fear of being rejected, the fear of being abandoned, the fear of being alone, or the fear of being unloved and feel the energy the fear holds. Allow that fear to be expressed through TEARS! Feel the energy that is alive inside of you. Tears are the most powerful cleansing mechanism in the body.
  • When you feel complete with your emotional cleanse, this is where you have no tears left to shed, I want you to shift your focus and become aware of your breathing.
  • Breathe slowly. Just breathe. Relax in to your breath. It is in this place that you will feel a sense of inner peace, the space of no thought. It is in this space where you connect to your divinity, to your Divine Self. Allow yourself to just be. Lay in your stillness. Listen to your breath and the stillness. Inhale and exhale slowly and deeply through your nose. Breathe in compassion for yourself.

The Third Step – Self Love 

This step is very important. Underneath fear is the truth of who you are, your Divine nature. You are much more than “JUST” a human being. This is where you connect to your Divine Self, your inner brilliance. Connection to your Divine Self is made when you release all the heavy energies stored in your body. Here you forgive yourself and others. As you set others free, you set your Fallen Angels free and begin the integration of your Forgotten Angels. The integration of Forgotten Angels begin with I AM statements.

Now slowly lift yourself off the floor and onto the couch or bed. Make sure your spine is straight and your feet are on the floor, hands resting on your legs. Now close your eyes and relax into a meditative state where you areonce again focusing on your breath.

  • Keep breathing deeply and slowly; and as you do imagine with every inhale that you are filling every cell of your body with the energy of love. Breathe in love. Breathe life force. I now want you to thank yourself for having the courage to FEEL! You did it!
  • Now express out loud I AM statements. I AM are the two most powerful words you can use to integrate higher energies into your body such as I AM love, I AM gratitude, or I AM peace. Even if you do not feel good about yourself it is very important that you recognize and congratulate yourself for feeling the fear and releasing your sadness. Feel the peace that is there within your heart. Trust and open your heart to yourself. Be kind to yourself. Trust that the universe is supporting you. Know that you are loved.
  • Allow for a new expression of self-love as you state positive and uplifting words about yourself. These words will fill you up with light where the darkness once resided.
  • Stay in this meditation until you feel lighter.
  • Repeat positive statements such as,

I love you (your name here).

I am so proud of you ( your name here) for having the courage to feel.

You are a brilliant human being (your name here.)

I feel so ALIVE!



Keep your eyes closed until you are at peace with yourself. Visualize yourself spiraling up out of the darkness, climbing up the stairs and into the light of self-awareness.

Remember your power as a human being is to create any life you desire. What are you ready to let go of in your life that no longer serves you? Here you can claim your happiness and make a stand for what your heart truly desires.

The more you follow the Emotional Integrity Process you will discover something quite magical. Within your mind consciousness system there is the one who cries, (the Sad self or the Tearful self) and there is the ONE who is observing the self who cries. The one who is observing is YOU, the aspect of you known as your Brilliant Self.  Your Brilliant Self (the highest version of you) is pure love and compassion and is the one who is to be the nurturer to the one within who is sad. Connection is made when you know and trust that there is a higher power that lives inside of you.

Repeat the EIP whenever you are feeling angry, stressed, frustrated, confused or fearful. Your emotions are never right, wrong, good or bad. Every self that is alive inside of you deserves to be heard and not judged as bad or wrong. They all have a purpose and a gift to give you. They just want to be heard, acknowledged and loved. So pound that couch/bed and express yourself! Then let the tears flow until you feel your peace, your centeredness of BEING. Then sit and mediate till you embrace SELF LOVE.


Karen Klassen

Hello I am Karen Klassen. I have the ability to show you how to fall in love with who you are by breaking the chains around your heart so you can live a prosperous and fulfilling life. Together we RISE!

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    Thank you for your kind words. I write from my heart. I know that the greatest gift we have is the sharing of knowledge.

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