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Over the years I have taken many people from a place of profound sadness, depression, and suicidal thoughts to living in a higher love for themselves and life. There is a way out of the darkness. If you have read my story you will know I was once there myself and my beloved Alan came so close to ending his life too. It is not about ignoring the problem or not talking about depression or only having positive thoughts. It is about going INWARD to the inner dimensions of who you are and meeting those selves that no longer want to be here, those parts of you that you have forgotten about, ignored, or denied. These fragmented parts of you feel unloved and unappreciated and will do what ever it takes to get your attention.  When those aspects, those inner demons ( I refer to as Fallen Angels) become bigger than your light, the soul’s energy becomes smaller and smaller and they (your inner fallen angels) have the power to take you out of the game of life if you do not transform these inner voices. This is the deep inner work that must be done in order for life to be transformed. The one thing that stops so many people from mental and emotional freedom is FEAR, the fear of going within and discovering who they truly are.
For each person who is willing to go within and explore their own darkness , a profound spiritual love is realized allowing the light of who you are to grow stronger and stronger. There is no external remedy for depression. Temporarily yes. The path to internal freedom is the willingness to dive deep within where a higher vibrational energy of self love can blossom. It is self love, (loving the many selves within) that bring wholeness and an unwavering will to live. Once the Depressed self is seen, acknowledged and loved, this self transforms into the Creative Self as this self identifies with being connected and as one with the Creator.  This awakening to a higher spiritual truth brings more light into the physical body. Only then does one see life and reality differently.  

The Freedom Frequency does not exist outside of you. Many people give to others, serve others, make others feel joy or light up their lives with laughter just like Robin Williams. This is wonderful and deeply needed to fill our hearts and distract us from the heaviness of life. However; when one is alone with their thoughts does the joy and laughter still remain? If not, external love and happiness is not the key to a fulfilling and joyous life. It is to be deeply appreciated and embraced however; if one’s own divine nature is not seen or acknowledged from within, darkness can and will take over.  The Freedom Frequency is cultivated from the core of who you are and over time, this light intelligence grows and grows and depression or suicide is no longer a part of picture. Why? Because you now recognize the truth of who you are and have remembered the Source is not separate from you.  
To do this inner work, it is important to choose a guide who has been there. Someone who has travelled through their own darkness and transformed it into light. Someone who is a living example of emotional and mental freedom. It is available to anyone. Teachers can show you the door however; you must enter by yourself. This statement is profoundly true. The fear of discovering our mind is what holds us back from FEELING everything that is alive inside. Only when we face everything WITHIN can we spiral up into higher frequencies of life from inside out. 
People are saying YES to this inner work because they know how important their emotional and spiritual development is to the evolution of humanity. Mental illness does not have to be a way of life. Seek out your teachers now. God, the Creator, the Source of All That Is, has given you life on this planet for a reason – say no to the fear that holds you back from discovering your own inner divine nature. You are a child of the universe with extraordinary power.

Karen Klassen

Hello I am Karen Klassen. I have the ability to show you how to fall in love with who you are by breaking the chains around your heart so you can live a prosperous and fulfilling life. Together we RISE!

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