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Journey Beyond the Familiar

Are you saying YES to your life? Are you bored with the status quo or are you taking steps to fulfill your dreams?

There is, where you are right now, which is your current reality, then there is that place in your mind, that never ending dream or vision of where you want to be, your preferred reality.

If your current reality is one that is familiar you may feel a sense of boredom, restlessness or  experiencing stagnation in your relationships, your business and/or your life. Familiarity is great as it creates a sense of comfort and security however; our spirit always seeks newness. And of course, newness always brings us into the unknown. Stepping into the unknown can amplify the fear and uncertainty in our minds.

I have lived most of my life in the unknown, not knowing where the money would come to pay the rent, not knowing if my business would attract paying clients, not knowing where I was going to live, and on and on. Then I began to realize that my Higher Self was guiding me on the most incredible journey, the journey beyond the familiar, the journey of manifesting my dreams. To live my dream I needed to be a completely different person than I was and this meant complete upheaval of all that was known.

I believe that everything in our lives that is not built on a solid foundation of truth must collapse. We are in the midst of a planetary awakening and we are shifting from a fear-based world of greed, competition and lack to a love-based world filled with generosity, respect and abundance for all.

No matter who you are, no matter what you have done or not done, YOU can live in the freedom frequency of life. Now is the time to leave your fear and judgments behind and replace them with curiosity.

I ask you, “Are you ready to know more, to experience more, to feel more than you ever have? Are you ready to experience your connection with the Divine rather than just reading about it? Are you ready to claim your power? Are you ready to live life fully and love deeply?” If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then congratulations,you are ready to dive deep in to the most fascinating journey. You are now an explorer on an amazing adventure~ A journey beyond the familiar.

Fear or Love? The Choice is Yours.

We All want Love. To feel love. To be loved.
So why are we so afraid of love? Why are we so afraid of each other when love has the power to set us free from negativity and limiting beliefs. Love has the power to remove self doubt and fill us with knowingness. Loving our moments frees us from from the ties that hold us back. In the realm of love we have the freedom to express and be who we want to be.
Yet, we are afraid of this powerful force that moves through us. To answer these questions there is one thing we must remember. We live in a world made of energy and thought vibrations which express themselves in our physical world. It is important to understand that the duality of life is expressed in either dark (fear) or light (love) vibrations. We either vibrate in fear based vibrations such as ~ stress, anger, manipulation, greed, sadness, scarcity, depression, loneliness, addiction, depression, jealousy, illness etc. Or we vibrate in love based vibrations such as ~ freedom, peace, joy, compassion, bliss, truth, oneness, health, abundance and the list goes on.
So the question remains …….  WHERE DO YOU VIBRATE IN LIFE ~ Fear or Love?
The answer is clear when you get real with how you feel about your life as it is right now. Are you discouraged, frustrated or stressed? If so I invite you to feel into your body, into the energy that moves through you and witness the sensations, the tenseness, tightness, resistance. Breathe deeply into your belly. This is fear and it is ok to be here. You just don’t want to stay here.
Or maybe you’re at the other end of the spectrum and have tuned into the vibration of love. Are you feeling the energy of appreciation and gratitude for where you are? Do you see that each situation or challenge offers you the opportunity to be a better human being?
I invite you to share with me what love means to you and where you’re vibrating in your life ~ fear or love? And remember, there is no right or wrong answer. It is a good place to start.
Karen Klassen
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