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During this powerful weekend you will be asked to choose a relationship you are ready to heal, transform or release so that you can attract the Love, Connection, Happiness and Fulfillment you desire!

You may feel disrespected, unloved, invisible, unappreciated, neglected, or betrayed in any of the relationships you have with: your parents, spouse/partner, siblings, your "ex", or your adult children. 

I know how it feels to be hurt, to feel used, abused, or feel lonely in relationships. I have been there. 

Did you know that unhealthy relationships can negatively effect your health and career potential dramatically? 

Yes, it can!  Any relationship that is not inspiring you, uplifting or encouraging you, can cause severe health issues such as depression, anxiety, stress, and physical pain. 

So healing these relationships would be important.  Do you agree? 

We all have a deep need for completion and closure in life especially if we have a vision of a beautiful and abundant future. We can waste so much time not forgiving others or by not admitting how we feel to another whether we are angry, disappointed, sorry, hurt, in love or how much we truly care. Every second we have on this earth is precious so why wait till a tragedy, trauma or a death to occur before you express how you really feel?  

It is obvious that that there are things you must learn in order to succeed in your relationships. You get it, or you would not be on this page. You are being called to STEP OUT of an OLD MODEL of relating and LEARN a NEW MODELYou are being called to let go of the old model of relating and step into the..

You are here to....

Have you ever felt you are repeating the same stories, dramas and experiences in your past and present relationships? There are primary lessons in each of the cycle that you are meant to integrate. If you don’t embrace the lesson and learn the skills required it becomes a problem and if that problem persists it creates an unconscious destructive relationship pattern, which becomes more challenging to change. If the lesson is not learned, then it will appear again in future relationships.

If you are unhappy or unfulfilled in ANY of your relationships then it is time to spiral up and learn about The Evolution of Relationships.

The Evolution of Relationship weekend is for you if you ...

  • Are ready to end the arguments, the silent treatments, the lack of appreciation and respect.
  • Are thinking about divorce or separating with another.
  • Are ready to experience less drama and enjoy a more harmonic and fulfilling life.
  • Know that problematic relationships can negatively impact your health and your business.
  • Are ready to heal your past so it no longer effects your life in a negative way.  (parents, spouse/partner, the "ex", business partners, boss, or friends)
  • Do not want to spend your life savings in a divorce battle.
  • Are so done with attracting drama and emotionally immature people in your life.
  • Are ready to upgrade your standards so you are respected, appreciated and acknowledged for the incredible person you are!
  • Are ready to stop the toxic and intense family arguments.
  • Are ready to FEEL WORTHY of receiving Love and ALL Good Things!

I promise that once you what you apply the ground-breaking tools you'll discover in The Evolution Of Relationships Weekend, you will see a dramatic improvement in ANY relationship! I am committed to empowering YOU to move from old destructive patterns that hold you back, to creating new and empowering patterns that enable you, and those your care about, to experience the most fulfilling and rewarding relationships possible.

Why is this important to you NOW?

When you are in a dysfunctional or problematic relationship it can:

  • Lower your Self esteem
  • Hold you back in your personal growth
  • Sabotage business potential
  • Create health issues ( back pain, IBS, allergies,)
  • Cause deep emotional issues ( depression, anxiety, low self-esteem)
  • It allows you to let go of what is not working and to step into a more rewarding and respectful relationship experiences.

Meet Your Facilitator

Hello, I am Karen Klassen.  I am passionate and committed to empowering you with the best skills in how to heal and relate in a new way with ANYONE who you believe has caused you pain in the past or presently, so you can experience more harmony, respect and appreciation right NOW. 

In my research over the last twenty years and coaching hundreds of men and women, I have discovered that there are FIVE cycles you will move through in ANY and ALL your relationships, whether it is with your parents, your siblings, your children or your spouse/partner. Each cycle offers profound healing and life lessons and as as you get the lesson, you move to the next cycle.

During this transformational weekend, I will share with you powerful insights and skills so you can begin to attract and experience MORE of what you want in ALL your relationships.  

If you want to discover the ONE cycle that is responsible for sabotaging your relationships with your spouse/partner, parents, children, or siblings, and learn how to transform ANY and ALL relationships, then this weekend is for you. 

Join me.. and I will personally guide you to break-free from unhealthy relationship patterns (even if it seems impossible) and learn how to create the Empowered Relationships you so crave and desire!


 You Are Not Alone

Experience powerful exercises that remind you that you are not alone. You will learn about effective communication techniques and open up your mind to new possibilities, and define for yourself what you need, want and deserve from this point forward.  

Energy Shifting Activations

Karen will share one of the most powerful tools you can use to FREE yourself and experience true RELIEF from any anger, resentment, disappointment or betrayal. Karen created the Divine Mind Conversation - a powerful game-changing modality that creates new neuro pathways in the brain that activate your future potential and create your FUTURE SELF. You'll discover how you can immediately heal ANY relationship with another person  (even if they have passed over or live on the other side of the world) as they do not need to be physically present.  Awaken your inner power to attract more love, peace of mind and respect into your life. 

Powerful Facilitation 

Karen offers a safe, FUN and engaging experience where all that is expressed remains confidential. This is where truly healing and connection can be experienced. 

Consider this...what if you could show up in the world as the loving, free, and magnificent person that you innately ARE... and then spread that empowering energy to everyone who crosses your path? 

Think what an impact this would have on your own life and then how it would positively affect those around you, and then the people who encounter those people.. it is a ripple effect. 

In this way, we have the biggest impact on the collective consciousness of our entire planet.  I want to touch as many people as possible to learn a new model of relating that can truly transform their lives and beyond. Money is one of the biggest blocks for most people to show up, so I have made this a no-brainer and an irresistible offer to eliminate any (preconceived) blocks!

(After you have registered, you will receive an email in the upcoming days to RSVP your beloved, friend, mom, dad, or co-worker.  Start asking around now!)

There is miraculous power that occurs when we come together.  Because our natural abilities to love, support and nurture unconditionally - we not only help heal and lift each other up, we also heal the world. 

During these 2 Days You Will:

You will experience a road map that will immediately change your life: 

  • Tap in to the Empowered YOU that is confident and happy.
  • Discover The 5 Cycles and which one you are in right now!
  • Connect with The REAL YOU that you may have forgotten! 
  • Learn a powerful process to release anger, resentment and frustration from either present or past relationships so you can fully enjoy your life right NOW!
  • Discover why you sometimes feel like you are going crazy in your relationships.
  • Learn how to see your emotions as a powerful guidance system so you can shift out of conflict quickly. 
  • Enjoy deep, meaningful relationships full of love, respect and connection.

The first step is to be honest with where you are at. Only then can you create positive change.

The Benefits of Attending

  • Expand Awareness to new possibilities in being an Attraction Magnet.  
  • Learn how to release toxic emotions in a healthy way so you no longer experience suffering.
  • Discover powerful tools that create a deeper connection with those you care about.
  • Learn How to Let Go of Past Relationships that no longer server you.
  • Feel Empowered about who you are.
  • Discover which Cycle is currently controlling your experience.
  • Replace Unhealthy Communication with Empowered Communication Skills!

The Evolution of Relationships Weekend is filled with rich relationship enhancing strategies for ALL types of relationships. You will learn heart-centred communication skills and solutions that you can apply in your family dynamics or intimate relationships.

PS.  Please pass this message on! You never know who’s about to throw in the towel. You never  know who’s about to give in and give up. You never know who you could help by simply sending the link of this page to someone who would benefit in attending.