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Abuse is not just physical.
All relationships are designed to empower, uplift and encourage you. Unfortunately for many relationships that is not the case. Destructive[...]
Emotional and Mental Freedom is Yours
                        Over the years I have taken many people[...]
The New Children
This is a powerful video about the New Children. These children will create the change we seek in living a love based[...]
A Hug I Will Always Remember
On the day my dad got married, April 4th 2014, he said to me, "Karen, this is all happening because[...]
My Inner Child
Aww, who me? Yes, I will become a woman who believes in herself, however; it will take some time. I[...]
35 Most Amazing Restaurants with a View
  Living in the Freedom Frequency is about having new experiences. Stepping out of the norm and expanding what is[...]

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