Humanity is on a Journey Beyond the Familiar.

Are you prepared?

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The world is having a spiritual WAKE UP call. 2023 is a vital year as we prepare for a massive transition and  intense changes.  This year also represents new beginnings and challenges and will require high levels of energy, sensitivity, and flexibility. You may feel as though you're being thrown a curveball. 

2023 is a Turning Point Year. 

This means you can no longer avoid, deny, or resist change! 

This 12 Module course is for those who wish to expand their skills and abilities so they can navigate through the maze into a new earth. As you learn these skills shared here, you can take a quantum leap in your spiritual and personal growth as you activate your Life Force energy and live above the line, above the fear and chaos.  

In the Together We Rise course the following modules consist of.


Build a Foundation to Thrive

In matters of the material world, you may be feeling uncertainty about the future. We can be overly concerned with our survival which can create tension and stress in the body. Here you will learn:

  1. Power of Completion - How to let go of what you no longer need. 
  2. How to Feel Secure and Grounded as You Transition. 
  3. How to make wise and spiritually mature decisions
  4. From Scarcity to Prosperity Consciousness! 


 Living in the Freedom Frequency 

This control matrix you live in is made of energy. It is designed to keep you stressed and enslaved in a belief system that resonates in a lower frequency.  Here you will learn:

  1. How to Upgrade Your Energetic Frequency 
  2. How to unplug from the matrix subconscious programs (painful past/ bleak future programming) and live above the line. 
  3. Transform limited beliefs and the inner sabotager so you can have more energy to do the purposeful work you are here to do.  

Ignite Your TRUE Power 

We have been giving away our power far too long. We have allowed outside forces to control us by having us believe that we NEED them to survive.  Here you will develop skills in:

  1. How to Stop Giving Your Power Away  
  2. Redefine Power and How to Harness it so you Manifest Goodness
  3. Upgrade your Value and Self Worth with Courage and Confidence
  4. Release Fear That Holds You Back and Align with Universal Laws

Expand Your Heart Energy

We will be experiencing many souls leaving this planet and we will need to prepare our heart.  We must prepare ourselves mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Love is your natural state, however, sometimes family members or friends can trigger wounds, which can keep you trapped in lower realities of suffering and stuck in an never-ending disempowerment loop. Here you will learn:

  1. Discover Your Heart Intelligence and its Electromagnetic Field
  2. How to Process the Grief and the intense betrayal due to the manipulation of this reality. 
  3. Reconnect to Your Inner Child to Heal the Past
  4. How to Hold Space for Others
  5. How to Dissolve the Heart Wall of Suffering

The Evolution of Relationships 

The old model of relating will not work for you. Why? Because you are evolving.  You may express your truth or perspective to a few, however, expressing your truth to those who may not want to hear it can be uncomfortable, especially when it comes to family. Discover a conscious relationship model that will empower you with a greater level of awareness moving forward. Here you discover powerful communication and relationship skills in:

  1. Define What Truth Means to You and How to Express It
  2. Learn About the 5 Stages and Where You Are On the Scale
  3. How to have Uncomfortable Conversations and Own Your Power
  4. Experience Higher Levels of Love  

Peace of Mind Meditation Practices

The reality we live in has taught us to fear our own mind and stop us from exploring its treasurers.  If you have resistance to meditation it may be because your lower mind (programming) does not want to set you FREE.  Here you:

  1. Experience Relief from stress, anxiety and uncertainty.
  2. Rewire yourself for abundance, freedom and love on a subconscious level.
  3. The Power of Visualization - Open up to your Higher Mind and bring back wisdom.
  4. How to Heal the Body through Deep Breathing Practices.
  5. Your Power to Create a Beautiful and Prosperous Future.


Integration with Your Soul Purpose

You are either allowing others to create your future or you are taking responsibility to step into your Soul Purpose. The role (job, career) may not be available in the years to come. It is time to discover your Soul Signature, and dive into your true purpose. Remember, you have two voices within your mind. One voice is the voice of the ego (fearful, angry, worried, isolated) which keeps you trapped in the past.  You also have another voice, the voice of your Higher Self. Here, I will share powerful practices on how you can:

  1. Meet Your Higher Self 
  2. Feel Connected to Source and to ALL of life.
  3. Remember Why You Came to This Earth - Your True Purpose.

"There is no world that will be comfortable enough, peaceful enough, kind enough to make one feel okay about themselves. One can never achieve that goal. All we can do is to come to terms with our own inner wounds and metabolize those energies into consciousness. That shadow work actually heals the individual and heals the entire culture because it dwindles the energy from the victim-victor cycle we project out into the world."

                                                                                                        - Dr. Jordan Peterson

The control structure you live in is designed to keep you living below the line so that you do not discover your true power. It is meant to keep you dormant and distracted. 

To experience your innate spiritual gifts you must spiral up and LIVE ABOVE THE LINE!

The TRUTH is, you have the POWER inside of you to do this!  Enlightenment is available to anyone. It is a state of BEING

Enlightenment is about "lightening UP emotionally" so that heavy negative energies no longer keep you trapped in the lower realms of fear and control. 

We can ALL benefit from knowing how to transform FEAR into love and integrate our personal POWER. Knowing how to transform from fear-based reactivity into an ability to stand firm in your own power will go on to serve you for the rest of your life.

We are in a COMPLETION Cycle.

You are here to learn how to LET GO of the old world and embrace the new earth that is HERE.  There is so much information coming to the surface and it can cause a lot of overwhelm, anger, disappointment, and exhaustion. The truth is, you do not need MORE information  What you need is a process that shows you how to FOCUS and that is what I lead you through. 

About the Facilitator

Karen Klassen

I am proof that anyone no matter who they are can live above the line. I have gone from being on welfare to having my own successful business, from drug and alcohol addictions to living a healthy life, from chronic pain, depression, allergies to healing my body completely and from abusive relationships to living in a higher love. We all have the power if we have the willingness to take the journey beyond the familiar. 

I am dedicated to empowering those who are ready, to expand their capacity of "being worthy of all good things" and to know they are not alone on the journey. 

I am an inspirational speaker, a Certified Facilitator, and a Breakthrough Coach. I am an author of 5 Amazon Bestselling books, Living in the Freedom Frequency and the I AM a Brilliant Woman series. For over 20 years, I have empowered couples, individuals and business owners to cultivate their personal and spiritual power so they can live above the line. 


What People are saying about this course

Together We Rise is a course for anyone or everyone. Karen’s knowledge of mind and body is exceptional. I learned how to meditate and Qigong, and the meditation I’ve now been doing on a daily basis. This was my first step to achieving a higher consciousness.

Grant Kitzul

When Karen advertised her program last summer, I sensed right away it would be important for me to take. I was newly single and starting life on my own at 69. I was already grieving and felt sure I needed to make some changes and learn how to navigate the times ahead. Participants of this program will learn practical exercises and daily practices to reconnect with body, mind and spirit that build resilience, strengthen commitment to our life purpose, overcome limiting beliefs and identify self-sabotaging patterns that dampen the fire inside. And above all, learn to trust our higher power/higher self to guide us on the way. Once we do that, we are free to choose how we want to feel. Or as Karen says, we live life above the line.

Dailaan Shaffer

The main reason I am joined this group is: We are missing community and this platform not only provides that but teaches us about ourselves and our inner workings and it  provides a safe space for people to share.. I think people need to find other people that are like minded and they need to feel that they belong. Karen is an excellent facilitator for this. I really look forward to the weekly meditations and the benefits of that.. When I did my first class I knew I would try to do as many as I can. I really think this is what is needed at a time like this. 

Betsy Swain

Karen’s Together We Rise program is simply amazing! Thought provoking, healing, and definitely a way to shift perspectives for much more of a whole healing approach. Karen is a compassionate listener and patient as she allows you to create the self awareness necessary to make real change within yourself and not just give you her opinion & thoughts right away. Her meditations are game changers too! Highly recommend anyone that is looking for elevating their souls level of consciousness and wanting a more peaceful and fulfilled life. 

Tannis  Stuckless

Being part of Together We Rise is being part of the solution not the problem. In a world of uncertainty it is comforting to be connected with other souls longing for a brighter future. 

Denise Temple

Through using Karen's unique, Divine Mind Conversation process, with her guidance and protection, I was able to properly process and release all the negative emotions I'd been holding onto... not just throughout my divorce action... but my entire life!  I was completely unaware of how events I'd experienced as a child had shaped me and were continuing to steer my life direction... in a negative way!  Through deep work I was also able to unearth and heal past traumas that I'd buried and denied. I healed myself and in so doing, I healed relationships that had been fractured a long time. I can say with complete honesty that I am FINALLY living my life in absolute HAPPINESS and AUTHENTICALLY, for the first time ever.

Norma Maxwell

What incredible sessions….!!!! It literally brings me to tears.  I feel incredibly blessed to have been a part of this journey with you. I have such gratitude for your being.

Theresa Knelsen

How the Journey Works:

If you've found your way here, you are ready to spiral up out of this lower reality and live in the freedom frequency of life. This is also an opportunity to discover what is next for you. As you rise up, you assist the collective in rising up. This is how important you are. Embracing and integrating your innate power is key to your evolution.  This is a journey we are on together. Your ego may not agree with everything but there will be that ONE defining moment that changes your life in profound ways. Just one shift in thought can transform everything. You have the power to create a new timeline for you, your family and the world. 

No Need To Share Personal Info

If you are nervous about joining a group you can relax. You are not alone. Everyone is nervous when they first join. The great thing about this journey is that you can heal and transform your life and not have to share anything personal or private unless you want to. You can join each call and listen. 

Receive the Replay

If you are not able to make it to the live call you will receive access to the replay and bonus material to keep you on track. Learn and develop your skills from the comfort of your home. Each session will shift your subconscious mind in powerful ways. You are more brilliant and powerful than you may have been lead to believe.

Join us on Zoom on Wednesdays

Easy access to online training with Zoom. You do not have to be a tech expert to join in. Once you register below you will receive an email with all the details. Then just click the link at 7 pm MST on Wednesday and you're IN. 

This is a 12 week On-line Journey

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The teacher can show you the door but you must be the one who walks through.