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We begin Wednesday January 5th, 2022

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Our world is transforming and many people are in overwhelm as to how to process it all.

When you go outside, you most likely can feel the lack of joy and happiness that has veiled your community, town or city.  The outer world no longer brings us the connection and fun we all enjoyed for so many decades.  Whether you want to admit it or not the world as we knew it is gone. 

It has never been so important as it is right now to know the TRUTH of your reality. 2020 was known as the great awakening. 2022 is the year of exposure as all truth is rising to the surface. Many families and friends are no longer speaking to each other. There is a division that has been created. Many are feeling lonely, frustrated and betrayed. 

I believe the world is having a spiritual WAKE UP call. We have allowed our shadow self (fear, anger, hate, suffering) to rule over our brilliant heart and if we do not tune into the light of our own SOUL, we may miss the call and the call will just get louder. In other words, the next crisis will just get bigger.

Right now, our world is experiencing a Great Awakening. We have to ask ourselves why we collectively created this time where everyone wears a mask and our rights and freedoms have been taken away? Sometimes, we need tragedy and trauma to wake up. Why? Because we are afraid to look within and transform who we are on our own. That doesn't have to be the case. With the right guidance and saying "YES" to your own personal evolution allows for more ease and grace in one's life.

We have been in an induced slumber for centuries and for the first time we are collectively waking up. Millions are now talking and sharing for the first time about the truth of reality. We are beginning to see clearly as to how dark (controlled with fear) our reality is. We are in the midst of transitioning  from a  3D matrix into a higher love based authentic reality.  We chose to be here in this place of darkness (forgetfulness) to wake up and remember we are eternal beings. Many of us have forgotten this truth.  

This is an invitation for like minded souls to ignite their mental and emotional mastery and connect to their spiritual wisdom so we may all enter into the new world enlightened.


In the Together We Rise Online Journey we will explore the following.


Reclaim Your Sovereign Rights

It has never been so important as it is RIGHT NOW to claim your sovereign rights. Here you will learn Common Law ( Natural law) and how to reclaim your sovereign rights as a human being. We have much more power than any bylaw or any agenda.


Living in the Freedom Frequency

What you believe is what you experience. Your mind is powerful and we have been living in a mind controlled reality. Here you will learn how to unplug from the matrix ( painful past/ bleak future programming) and awaken your personal and divine power to heal and transform your life. Together we create a future that is prosperous, centred in love and trust, health and freedom by tapping into higher frequencies of thought and energy. 


Your Emotions are your Guidance System

Sometimes family members or friends can trigger negative emotions (anger, shame, guilt, resentment) which can keep you trapped in lower realities of suffering. Letting go can be challenging. Learn how to transmute negative energy and/or transform your sensitivity into a highly coveted skill.  Your emotions are the gateway to freedom. Here you will learn how to process your sadness, your grief and the intense betrayal due to the manipulation of this inverted reality and have the emotional intelligence in today's crisis or any other time.


Evolution of Relationships

The old model of relating will never work for you. Why? Because you are evolving.  If you experience anger it means your heart is closed due to all the hurt and pain you have experienced. As we move into higher levels the energy of you will want to learn how to TRUST again.  Learn heart to heart communication skills and how to forgive others and ultimately forgive yourself. 


Connect to your Higher Self

You have two voices within your mind. One voice is the voice of the ego (fearful, angry, worried, isolated) which tells you to be afraid of others, to be fearful of the truth or that you are not loveable. You also have another voice, the voice of your Higher Self. Here, I will share powerful practices on how you can connect to the true voice of your Higher Self and feel connected to Source and to ALL of life. Awaken your soul force and your higher abilities through active meditation and as you do, you will experience a completely new reality. 

There are two timelines being created. Which one do you choose?

Enlightenment is about "lightening UP emotionally" so that you no longer have heavy negative energies keeping you trapped in the lower realms of fear and control. Right now, you are most likely trying to deal with all the upheaval not only in the world but in your own life. In order to rise up into higher love the heart must be open. Unfortunately, many have created what is known as a "heart wall" due to traumatic experiences throughout their life. 

We can ALL benefit from knowing how to transform FEAR into love and integrate our personal POWER... certainly now amidst a global plandemic and the uncertain economic times that come with it. Knowing how to transform from fear-based reactivity into an ability to stand firm in your own power will go on to serve you for the rest of your life... 

The truth is, if you are going through any crisis in any area of your life, it is very likely that your “Higher Potential Self” is wanting to emerge from within you. The crisis is really your “wake up” call and if you do not listen the crisis becomes bigger.

There is so much information coming to the surface and it can cause a lot of frustration, anger, disappointment, a feeling of loss, and exhaustion. One of the biggest things humanity will face is a deep sense of "betrayal" as the veils are being lifted. It is important in this time that these energies be healed and transmuted so that you can rise up from the chaotic energy of those timelines and align with your higher calling


What People are saying about this journey

The main reason I am joined this group is: We are missing community and this platform not only provides that but teaches us about ourselves and our inner workings and it  provides a safe space for people to share.. I think people need to find other people that are like minded and they need to feel that they belong. Karen is an excellent facilitator for this. I really look forward to the weekly meditations and the benefits of that.. When I did my first class I knew I would try to do as many as I can. I really think this is what is needed at a time like this. I hope to see more people in 2021 doing this program with me.

Betsy Swain

Being part of Together We Rise is being part of the solution not the problem. In a world of uncertainty it is comforting to be connected with other souls longing for a brighter future. 

Denise Temple

Through using Karen's unique, Divine Mind Conversation process, with her guidance and protection, I was able to properly process and release all the negative emotions I'd been holding onto... not just throughout my divorce action... but my entire life!  I was completely unaware of how events I'd experienced as a child had shaped me and were continuing to steer my life direction... in a negative way!  Through deep work I was also able to unearth and heal past traumas that I'd buried and denied. I healed myself and in so doing, I healed relationships that had been fractured a long time. I can say with complete honesty that I am FINALLY living my life in absolute HAPPINESS and AUTHENTICALLY, for the first time ever.

Norma Maxwell

What incredible sessions….!!!! It literally brings me to tears.  I feel incredibly blessed to be a part of this journey with you. I have such gratitude for your being.

Theresa Knelsen

How the Journey Works:

If you've found your way here, you are ready to join an exclusive community who are ready to discover deeper truths about this world and the reality you live in. And, this is also an opportunity to discover what is next for you. This is an invitation to connect with others who are awakened and are seeking truth. Your faith, trust and responsibility to step into your power is key to your evolution.  This is a journey we are on together. You may not agree with everything but there will be that ONE session that changes your life in profound ways. Just one shift in thought can transform everything. You have the power to create a new timeline for you, your family and the world. 

No Need To Share Personal Info

The great thing about this course is that you can heal and transform your life and not have to share anything personal or private unless you want to. You can join each call and just listen. 

Receive the Replay

If you are not able to make it to the live call you will receive access to the replay. Learn and develop your skills from the comfort of your home. 

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About the Facilitator

Karen Klassen

We are in unprecedented times. I am dedicated to empowering those who are ready, to expand their capacity in believing in themselves and to know they are not alone on the journey. I am here to assist in preparing them mentally, emotionally and spiritually for the next cycle of evolution.  I am an inspirational speaker, a Certified Facilitator, and a Breakthrough Coach. I am an author of 5 Amazon Bestselling books, Living in the Freedom Frequency and the I AM a Briliant Woman series. For over 20 years, I have empowered couples, individuals and business owners to cultivate their personal and spiritual power so they can live above the line. 

Together, we rise above the line into our greatness!

Together We Rise Program Begins January 5th, 2022

Twice a Month on Wednesday @ 7 pm MST

Normally, it would cost as much as $1000 a month for private coaching with me, however; due to the state of the world, I am offering this for a small investment. When you sign up,  you will make monthly payments which will be auto-deducted from your PayPal account or credit card every 30 days.  

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