The Power of I AM


Your world is created by thoughts, feelings and words. What you express out to the world will be reflected back to you. What this means is that how you see yourself is how others will see you. Therefore, it is important to become aware of your thoughts because they become your words.  It is important to see yourself in the highest light so others may see you in the same light.

Here is a powerful video by Paul Santisi who shares the power of “I AM”. Whatever you put after the words “I AM” creates a declaration out to the universe and will become your experience.  I highly recommend you listen to from beginning to end. Headphones are recommended.

The vibration of these words will change your life.

Video by Paul Santisi

Karen Klassen

Hello I am Karen Klassen. I have the ability to show you how to fall in love with who you are by breaking the chains around your heart so you can live a prosperous and fulfilling life. Together we RISE!

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