What People Are Saying About Karen Klassen


From the first time I heard Karen speak, I knew she would be an amazing person to have a workshop with. Then, when I saw she had a workshop, I jumped at the chance to learn more about her work.  She has an amazing tool of visualization used to dive in and release and face head on the dark sides of us. Karen has made me realize how powerful it is to face our dark energy so we can release more of our light. I found a powerful energy connection to my higher self and to everyone at the workshop. The best part is the stories Karen shares and the visualizations with group discussion.

Leanne Watson

I have worked with Karen a few times over the last year. Hence, a lot of the information we reviewed during the workshop I mentally already knew. However, I found that the workshop reminded me of the concepts of connecting to myself, how to work through painful or darker energies, and also how to love all of my being. That is quite a bit for a 2 day workshop! I took this during a time which was  very tough for me, and found that the practices of journeying and re-connecting turned my energy completely around. The week following the workshop was a complete turnaround to where I was the previous week. I am incredibly grateful for the experience, and the opportunity to grow further. Journey work was the best part for me. It was the practice of going deeply within myself, noticing the areas within me which are struggling, and those that are ready to heal. Wonderful teachings and practice. I would recommend this to anyone who either needs a reminder into their own individual practice of processing or connecting to their inner wisdom…or to those who are just now being introduced to those concepts. Thank you again Karen. I  love you!

Dorota Ulkowska

For 2 years I followed Karen’s work on the internet and was inspired by the level of depth, strength and charisma that I would see through the computer screen. Good fortune would allow Karen and I to cross paths and I have been a recipient of her tremendously powerful coaching, witness to how people blossom in her presence and humbled by the magnitude of her ability to make big dreams and desires come to fruition. Most recently I attended her event “Celebrate Your Brilliance” and heard her speak for the first time.  She speaks so incredibly powerfully from her heart and eloquently transmits such important lessons that I will always be at a rapt attention like it was the very first time. As a coach – extraordinary. As a speaker – spellbinding. And as a person – of the finest calibre.

Farhana Dhalla, Bestselling Author of “Thank You for Leaving Me.  http://www.farhanadhalla.com/

“Karen Klassen is one of my personal coaches. I find her innovative techniques highly effective at helping me get past blocks. She is a lady of highest integrity and helps you get results quickly. I highly recommend working with Karen as a trainer or coach.”

Teresa De Grosbois, Founder of the Evolutionary Business Council

“Encouragment and support go hand in hand when you are in the same room with Karen.When she speaks it is truthful, passionate filled and enjoyable because she believes in her words. Coach, Speaker or Friend, when you walk away from Karen you will be Enlightened.”

Robin Havlicek, Owner of Rad Printing, http://www.radprinting.ca

Thank you Karen, Oh Masterful one… Robert returned from the island this week choosing LIFE! For years he has wanted this…. I am speaking to him without the demons present! I cried tears of joy for hours last night… I am forever grateful Karen for your kindness and wisdom to bring Roberts soul back to freedom! Namaste’ with love and much gratitude!

Jonni Fox

The authentic celebration of women, connecting from a place of openness and love.  To meet other brilliant women and witness you Karen in all your brilliance.  I love the glam and playfulness of the photo shoot and video.  I love the deep and powerful sharing of the speakers.  I love the delight and delicacy of food, conversation and luxury.

Katharina Knodel, Owner of Personal Evolution

Although I am still on the journey of pure self love, trust, and freedom,I can honestly say that Karen was the catalyst that I needed. Her loving demeanor, sincere heart, and natural abilities to see the truth in all the drama, make her a phenomenal coach.  She kept me on course, and highlighted my success when I myself could not recognize it. Thanks Karen for the transformation I desperately needed. I couldn’t have done it alone!

Cindy, Teacher

Thank you so much for facilitating a wonderful workshop.  I was deeply moved that day.  I am inspired to reach to higher goals and take action.  I am taking action, now.  Saturday definitely stirred up some uncomfortable issues that I was holding.  I feel enriched with the insight the awareness has brought.  I remember I am stillness, peace, joy and love.  It’s amazing how much beauty we do have and it’s all right there inside us.  My routine is happening – sleep, nutrition, walking, stretching, smiling, meditation, reading..these will all continue and with more harmony and endurance.  What a great speaker and teacher.  Your wisdom comes through with clarity and grace.  Thank you!

Tara Roh

One day I “woke up” wondering what direction my life was taking.  Most days I woke up feeling sorry for myself and wondered why I didn’t have the things I wanted.  I believed I was doing the right things and was the best person I could be but something was missing.  After reading about Karen Klassen in a women’s magazine I knew she could provide me with the support and tools I required for self-improvement.  Feeling like a curled up slinky most days and being at the bottom of the pit Karen taught me how to unravel the kinks and start to spiral up to live a more fulfilling life.

Gail Gilowski

How can I ever thank you for such an amazing and profound day – very overwhelming. When I awoke the next day, I felt a calmness within that I have not felt for a very long time. I was totally out of my comfort zone, so I thank you for your gentleness, sincerity, and providing a safe place for me to grow. What amazing women you had working with you, please send them my gratitude. All of you had a positive impact on me, and what a fantastic way to begin my journey. Now I know I am on the right path. Thank you again.

With gratitude, Firth Adcock

I had a profound awakening through Meditating to Dissolve Fear.  I discovered the depth and impact of my fears, acknowledged them, thanked them and then let them just “walk on by”!  I understand how vital it is to acknowledge my truth and to live in the freedom frequency.   I have now completed all 7 of your Lessons and have thoroughly enjoyed my Journey of Self-Actualization.  I am ready to begin a new chapter in my life or should I say the new BOOK which is my life!  I am excited to leap into the world and share my true passion, talents, love and joy.  I thank you from the bottom of my heart for guiding me through this journey of self-discovery, for sharing your self with me and for empowering me (among others) to find my path to my true destiny.

Colleen Mallet, 

My spiritual growth started with your help which I am Grateful for so thank You. As you gave me your help, I offer this prayer. ‘I ask God to sincerely from the bottom of my Heart Bless Karen Klassen with Love and Shower her with Abundant Love for Eternity, Thank you I am very Grateful for You and I Love You.

Jignesh Depala, London England

Thank you for all the help you have given me. You have enriched and empowered my life to which I no longer look at the negatives in life but look for the positives things that will become of them. My relationship has grown with love and understanding and is doing better than ever.