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Apr 19

me2Aww, who me? Yes, I will become a woman who believes in herself, however; it will take some time. I will eventually see that every experience I have as I grow up will be divinely designed to guide my adult self back to me, the little girl within. The woman I become will forget me, the beautiful soul I am. Just for a while though. Eventually she will see that all the ups and downs, the pain, the suffering and the tears were all designed to mold her and shape her to the point of opening her heart and loving all parts of herself so deeply that she can become whole again. When she does she will remember me, the little girl inside of her. Then she will do everything she can to make me feel safe and secure so I can play, laugh and enjoy life again. This is when I remind her of her innocence and where she comes from.

Karen Klassen

About the Author

Hello I am Karen Klassen and I am an Enlightened Love Coach. I have the ability to show you how to fall in love with who you are and to transform any relationship so you can create a heart centered and beautiful life.

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