I Have Decided to Be Happy

My friend, Laura Simonson, introduced me to this song, by Copper Wimmin. Copper Wimmin were an American women-only vocal group. They formed in the late 1990s, and released three albums. Their lyrics mainly deal with the empowerment of women.  

This song, Kinder (lyrics below) speak to all of us, men and women, in how we have the power to make a choice in every moment, to let go of the voices within that do not serve us and to listen to the wisdom of our own Brilliant and Loving Self. 

Lyrics to Kinder

I’ve decided to be happy
I’ve decided to be glad
I’ve decided to be grateful
For all I ever had
I’ve decided to let go
Of all this pain tonight
I’ve decided to let go
Of all these demons inside

I know…I am blessed
I know…all I ever wanted was this
I know…I don’t need more
I’ve got… what I came for

I’ve decided to be open
For that little voice inside
Telling me I’m beautiful
It’s okay to be alive
I’ve decided to be kinder
To myself when I am sad
I’ve decided to be grateful
For all I ever had

Karen Klassen

Hello I am Karen Klassen. I have the ability to show you how to fall in love with who you are by breaking the chains around your heart so you can live a prosperous and fulfilling life. Together we RISE!

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