Living in the Freedom Frequency


Discover How to Take a Quantum Leap in your Career, Relationships and Life.

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For women and men who are ready to spiral up and live above the line.  

Are you so excited to wake up in the morning that you jump out of bed excited for the day ahead? If not, why not?

Are you experiencing peace of mind because your negative emotions no longer run your life? If not, why not?

Are you experiencing profound love, respect and fulfillment in your relationships? If not, why not?

If you have any life-stalling issues, areas of concern and obstacles you may see as “problems” in your relationship or career right now, they are not just road blocks – they are WAKE UP calls. They are opportunities asking you to evolve and begin.


 You were put on this planet to live in the higher energy vibrations of

  Peace of Mind, Love, Fulfillment, Appreciation, Respect, Purpose, Prosperity…..

Have you heard of people winning the lottery and within two years they have nothing left? Why? The reason is, wealth or freedom are high vibrations and if you are not prepared for it mentally, emotionally or spiritually you will experience struggle in an attempt to sustain it. This can lead to exhaustion and giving up on a dream.  Do you ever wonder why people’s relationships end? The reason is, love is a high vibration and if you are not prepared for it mentally, emotionally, spiritually or physically you will experience struggle in an attempt to sustain it. This can lead to resentment and frustration and eventually separation. If you are ready to expand your capacity to receive more of what your heart and soul desire, I highly recommend attending this empowering weekend experience where you will learn powerful practices that will dissolve the lower energies of ….

Stress, Grief, Self Doubt,Worry, Loneliness, Lack and ultimately FEAR!  



 Meet Your Facilitators       

Karen Klassen – Empowerment Coach and Author of Book, Living In the Freedom Frequency. Karen is dedicated to FF-Book-Cover-3dempowering both women and men to listen to their inner guidance and embrace their divine feminine and masculine power. Participants in her events learn that you can dissolve all mental, emotional and physical pain, allowing you to integrate with the highest version of who you are, your Brilliant Self. Karen values teaching the importance of VISION and how to reconnect with one of your greatest gifts – the imagination. If you can see it on the screen of your mind, you can certainly achieve it! This is mentoring at its finest and most valuable. Karen has developed a powerful method to show you how to reconnect, communicate and embrace your own INNER GURU who has all the answers and is here to guide you to realizing your deepest desires.    

IMG_0348 Alan Robson – shares how the ego has kept humanity in the darkness, in fight or flight and once we learn to put the ego in its proper place within our mind we can then take control of our life.  We are powerful beyond belief and can manifest whatever we set our mind too. Alan has a passion for teaching men how to step up and honour the feminine energy because when they do they up level their own masculine energy and become powerful creators. 


Why do so many people TRY to change, while few SUCCEED? How can something so simple be so insanely unattainable? Create a NEW LIFE BLUEPRINT Imagine a bank vault with 10 million dollars’ worth of gold coins. You’re 5 feet away from wealth and riches. The formula is simple—enter the vault, collect the coins, and leave. Couldn’t be easier. Right? There’s one hitch. You DON’T have the KEY. Yikes! Uh oh. Without inserting that little hunk of metal into the keyhole, turning, and unlocking the latch… The reason most people never get deep into their subconscious to redefine their blueprint and reinvent their destiny—is NOT because it’s too HARD.

It’s because they don’t have the key!!!

three phases of mind

Well, I’ve discovered the key. It’s not metal, or even tangible, but it’s a very real “trigger”. I’ve mastered using it to bypass something called your “inner gatekeeper”, which is like the door of the bank vault—it’s the only thing standing between you and your “subconscious blueprint.” This is perhaps the most life-changing discovery I’ve ever made. But before I get carried away—let me step back, and explain the science behind this stuff.

Your “Subconscious Blueprint” and “Inner Gatekeeper”

  It is Time to Step into Your Purpose Rear-View-Mirror-Sky

Have you ever tried to open a locked door? You pull at first, and when you feel resistance you try pushing instead? You want to open the door but it remains solid and unmoving. We often experience this feeling within our own lives.

When a deeper reality begins to stir in your heart, you start looking for a way to bring it forth, to be embraced by it, and to integrate it into your life. But sometimes there is something on the other side, keeping you out. Karen will show you the key to unlocking the door of your higher mind – your Divine Mind where your inner wisdom and creative potential resides. This is where all your answers reside. 

Unfortunately, if you keep looking in the preverbal rear view mirror and focusing on your past, then the door to a new reality stays locked.  Any negative energetic charge with a parent, an ex, a company you worked for, or business partner can all cause blocked energy. This negativity stops you from attracting a greater love potential, a greater business potential or greater self-potential. 

Where you are going must be BIGGER than where you have been.

The inner personal and spiritual development is the foundational step in creating healthy and fulfilling relationships, a successful business or a body full of energy.  If you do not dive in and explore this piece in a safe and supportive environment, no amount of action will make a difference.

What is the Freedom Frequency? The Freedom Frequency is a state of mind that opens you up to a higher state of being. You are either vibrating in a fear based mindset or a freedom (love) based mindset. Your thoughts are always being projected out and if you knew how powerful your thoughts are, you would do EVERYTHING to never have a negative thought again. You see, every moment of your life you are emitting a vibration which is also known as your “energy signature”. You tune into vibrations of others (their energy signature) in the same way you tune into your favourite radio station. When your energy is vibrating in the Freedom Frequency you open up to a powerful LIFE FORCE that is very attractive and you begin to draw in all the good and positive things you desire. The Freedom Frequency is where you experience ease and grace in your life. You are in harmonic vibration with the earth, the universe, and your natural state of health, prosperity and love.  You feel a greater sense of wholeness within yourself.

Where The Magic Happens

   The higher your vibration the more you tune into higher levels of knowledge or information –

YOUR INNER WISDOM – The Answers Within

  To simplify, I have created the lists below to show you what you may experience within each of the two core energies that make up our reality – FEAR and FREEDOM.

Living below the line (Fear Based/Ego Based) you may experience: • Find it difficult to connect with loved ones  • Feel like life has passed you by • Fear of what others think, fear of being left behind or fear of not being good enough • Constantly worrying about finances or pressure of work or family • Feel disconnected from your soul/God • Have a difficult time attracting clients  • Lack of vision/purpose/ direction • Attract relationships filled with arguments or drama  • Feel exhausted and not enough energy to do what you love • Lack passion for what you do • Not enough money in the bank account  

When You Tune into The Freedom Frequency you experience:   • Take Back Your Power in All Relationships • A Deep Knowing of Who You Are • Feel Energized and Alive  • More Clarity and Direction • The Courage to Step Forward into Your Purpose • Feel Connected, Respected and Supported by Others • Freedom from Pain (physical, mental, emotional) • Feeling Connected to Others and Life • Greater VISION of your future • A Feeling of Being Whole and Complete • Ultimately, BELIEVE in Yourself   

Your thoughts and feelings determine the frequency at which you vibrate, and your vibration goes out into the world and attracts to you the energy moving at a similar frequency. This is one of the ways that you create your own reality. You create a positive shift in your life by raising your vibration to that of the freedom frequency. Moving up and anchoring into the Freedom Frequency of life will give you incredible strength and the knowingness to accomplish anything you want. The vibrations within this frequency will integrate your mind, body, and soul. It is here that you connect to your health and wealth consciousness and truly feel the greatest power in the universe ~ love.    


It is not the love you may immediately think of or have experienced. It is a higher love that is only attainable by those who have disciplined the conscious ego, the forgetful self. It is what I refer to as Enlightened love ~ A current of high vibrational energy that has the power to dissolve, transmute and transform all negativity, illness, and fear that limits you. We are truly free when we choose to see beyond ourselves and embrace the bigger purpose of life. You have the capacity to anchor the Freedom Frequency in your own life by exploring your inner world through active meditations known as The Divine Mind Conversation.  

 When You Look in the Mirror Who Do you See?

What keeps us rooted in the Fear Frequency is unresolved HURT and our resistance to change.  This deep rooted hurt stops us from realizing our potential in all areas of our life. This hurt can only come to the surface to be resolved when we feel we are in a safe and trusting environment and open up to allowing the mind and heart to transform.  

During this weekend training you are given powerful practises that release the chains that may be holding you back from creating the life you want. If you are to experience the greatness of life then you need to begin with the transforming of Self at a foundation level, at a vibratory level so that higher consciousness can take root. 

You do not have to seek, obsess, find, strive or struggle to become WHO YOU ALREADY ARE.  You just need to tune into the Freedom Frequency and truth is revealed. From this place your body can heal completely, all dis-ease vanishes, you become strong and unstoppable as you awaken to your soul purpose.


How Does Living in The Freedom Frequency Benefit Your Life?

The Freedom Frequency is your natural state of being.  The Freedom Frequency affects every aspect of your life such as:  

• Your view of life is altered completely.

• You recognize that you only attract your VIBRATIONAL MATCH .

• Your entire belief system is transformed

• You embrace high voltage eating practices

• You transform fear into excitement.

• You no longer experience loneliness.

• You are more intuitive

• You have the power to transform illness and dis-ease.

• Your business functions with more ease and grace.

• You become an attraction magnet.

• Your relationships are mirrors of your own subconscious and this knowing brings forth a higher love with ALL you meet.

• It is here you view life experiences from a Higher Perspective.

• Time is fluid, and everything is created just for the experience of it.

• It is here that ecstasy goes beyond the orgasm, as we feel the force of the divine vibrating through every cell of your being.

• You become UNSTOPPABLE in everything you do.  

The more we resist the more uncomfortable life will be. With the vibrational frequency of the Planet increasing, the release of third dimensional density and the dying of old ways in the collective consciousness is strong. I am here to help you make the Shift into High Vibrational Living.  

  What Past Participants Are Saying..

Rachel Olsen, Health & Nutrition Expert  
Karen, Thank you so much for last night! I am having a most fantastic day connecting with so many people, a light heart and joyful spirit! My shift last night was profound for me and I’m completely impressed and proud of myself for doing such a great job of raising my vibration. This is a feeling I want more of. I AM getting better and better everyday!!    In gratitude,Lori Froese
Karen I want to thank you for this weekend. I cannot express in words how grateful I am, and how grateful I am that you’ve entered my life! You are so wonderful and such an inspiration to me.  Sending you both love and happiness. I hope you continue to enjoy your day, you are brilliant beautiful and divine!
 In love and gratitude, Madeline Clark


I have the fortunate opportunity to have Karen as my coach, guide and mentor. I took her 6 month coaching and attended her Freedom Frequency workshop. I’m so grateful to be in the presence of her wise teachings and guidance. Since working with Karen I have received crystal clear direction and vision on the direction I want to take my business. It was through her loving guidance and superb coaching ability that helped me to see who I really am and embody my true essence completely. I feel more confident, clear and self assured than ever before because I took Karen’s courses. My intention was to create and facilitate more workshops as way to get myself out there more with my business. I can confidently say I have done this and my workshops are filling up! Thanks to Karen and her programs, I shifted how I felt about myself and now I’m beginning to see the results in my life. Thank you Karen for coming across my path when I needed you the most, you have the most beautiful heart and soul and I’m so grateful for your support!”

Rosanna Sardella, Spiritual Guide & Teacher

I am a 30 something professional woman who somewhere along the way lost who I really was and how I was meant to be living life. After being introduced to Karen that has all changed. From our first visit I had trust in her and started to believe. She not only guided and encouraged me but became a mentor and friend.  Her Freedom Frequency weekend really opened my eyes and my heart to what I had closed off and feared. Last year, I honestly would’ve been very closed minded to what Karen has shown me. I’m very thankful and fortunate to Karen’s coaching. I am truly a new person with a whole different perspective on my life.Thank you Karen, Cheryl Grant, 


Say YES to YOU and Invest in yourself!

Let me share a secret with you. I never get true clarity, great ideas or brilliant answers while sitting at a desk or while working on my computer. They ALWAYS generate when I give myself space and silence. Stepping away from your life and into a space that is safe and supports your growth will offer you new insights and the energy to step forward with confidence and authentic self expression.  

When: TBA for 2017

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Time:  9 am – 6 pm both days 

Workshop Value $1400  – Investment in yourself – Only $525  


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