Divine Mind Conversations


We are constantly in relationship – relating and interacting with people everyday. Whether it’s the relationship you have with your family, your parents, your children, your spouse, or friends. The most important relationship we sometimes forgot about is the relationship with ourself.
You are constantly interacting with others and sometimes it can be easy and sometimes it can feel very uncomfortable.
Imagine if you could learn how to make any interaction naturally comfortable and even turn it into a positive experience?  Imagine if you could enter conversations and feel confident and feel a greater sense of relief?


What if you could meet yourself? What if you could meet another version of yourself who is pain free? What if you could meet another version of yourself who is wealthy? What if you could meet another version of yourself who is deeply in love and enjoying life? What if in meeting these versions of yourself that they could give you the secrets to living the life you know you are meant to live?
The answer – the Divine Mind Conversation.




What is my Divine Mind?
Your Divine Mind is a higher state of mind. This mind does not exist in your head or brain but in every cell of your body and energy field. Your Divine Mind is infinite. Many people have forgotten about this powerful aspect of who they are.  Your Divine Mind offers the space to create a quantum leap in how you feel inside and therefore transform your life instantly.


Your Divine Mind is the cosmic upper realm that envelops both the conscious and subconscious minds. and accessing your Divine Mind takes you beyond the old stories of illness, wrongness, faults, and projections of the fear-based mind.Your Divine Mind exists in the realm of pure genius; it’s all around and within you. It’s quite literally everywhere and the core essence of your Divine Mind is enlightened love and harmony. This realm carries the information of your soul’s purpose, and the blueprint of your Brilliant Self, the highest version of you. This is where all insights, ideas and creative sparks of genius exist, all waiting for you to consciously align your vibration to this realm of Divinity and access to Source energy.

You are either operating from your fear-based mind which keeps you in your limitation or you are operating from your Divine Mind which is the journey beyond the familiar. Your Divine Mind will always take you outside of your comfort zone and beyond the radar screen of your mind as this is where all manifested dreams reside.

How Will the Divine Mind Conversation Benefit Me?


Your physical world is created by your invisible worlds — mental, emotional, and spiritual dimensions.  Knowing how to tap into these inner realms you then have the power to heal your past and create the most beautiful life. But first you must know how to communicate with these inner realms.Here you will learn how to relase all anger, sadness, rage, frustration, and any/all perceived negative emotions in a healthy way. woman-on-path1

Remember, your subconscious mind does not transform with your conscious mind. Your subconscious transforms more rapidly when your Divine Mind is utilized and linked to your emotional dimension. In other words, when you connect your imagination with the power of higher thought vibrations and emotions, you can then explore your subconscious as an empowered human being and transform all limitation into freedom.

Harmony of mind consists of exploring the unknown subconscious mind and Divine Mind and bringing them into your conscious awareness. Here you develop intimacy (into-me-I-see) with your inner Fallen Angels (negative emotions attached to your past)  and your Forgotten Angels (positive states of mind connected to your future). 


My Glowing Testimonial from a #1 Raving Fan.

“When I started working with Karen, I was pretty far from living the life of my dreams. I had taken on a part time job driving a school bus to supplement my laughable monthly earnings from my business. I was working way to hard, with little to no results. My day job was completely unfulfilling, and I hated waking up early in the cold of winter to drive bus. I was yearning for my soul mate, and had almost come to terms with my singleness, although I had big plans for myself, I would frequently waffle in and out of “maybe once the bus is done, I’ll have to get a real job” and “Maybe if I get my stuff together, I’ll be able to go back to mexico for the winter” No confidence in myself to do either with certainty or power. My confidence had been shattered in an abusive relationship several years prior. I had in fact worked my way out of the post abuse depression and found my joy again for the most part. Although I had done lots of work on myself, my real world results were pretty lacking. In a gutsy moment I contacted Karen and offered to show her what I was doing with my business. She saw what I was doing, we talked about doing coaching. Knowing it was 100% the right thing to do, I said yes. My life changed from that moment onwards. Karen radiates the Freedom Frequency, which is pure Magic. What has happened since was something I had yearned, dreamed and sought after, but never thought could really be mine. In that first meeting, she mentioned a friend of her’s who I should meet because we had complimentary work with energy. It turns out we had more in store than that, and within a few conversations with him (okay, actually, as soon as I heard his name), it was clear to both of us that there was something bigger in store for us than doing work together. We’ve been dating ever since, and I’ve never felt so loved, seen, and on path in a relationship before. The commitment to our evolutionary growth together, has lifted me higher in love and bliss than I ever imagined I would go. On top of that!! My business picked up, my focus improved, and once I released the bus my business went ZOOM. I signed up more high quality, fantastically in alignment and soul inspiring clients in one month than I had in the last year. And I literally in the third month of our coaching made more $$ than I had in the entire year before. And then some. And then some. And then some. The biggest win from my work with Karen though, has been myself. I’ve regained the confidence and self value that I had lost in those dark years. Through the Divine Mind conversations that Karen and I had, I integrated and released pieces of myself I didn’t know were there. The shifts I’ve felt in my body shiver through the core of my being, and every time I walk out of that room I know I’m a different person than the one I walked in as. I’ve found the part of me that believes she deserves it, and has the courage to claim it. My dream of living in Mexico is now “October or January?” vs “Will I ever get to??” I changed the way I present myself, the way I dress, and the way I think about myself in the world. I have the courage and the knowing to choose my dreams, pursue them, and watch them manifest even more beautifully than I imagined. Prosperity, Freedom, and Love are now mine, in real, tangible, touchable, and repeatable form. I know now that I have a huge gift to give the world, and with the loving and brilliant guidance of Karen, I’ve claimed it. I AM a joyful, radiant, powerful and talented woman, and now I can finally see it. Thank you so much Karen. You are one in a zillion, and I’m so grateful to have you in my life, and for all the support you’ve given me over the years, and especially in this transition into the new and improved version of my life. I thank you from the bottom of my joyful joyful heart.

In deep love and admiration,

Elena Harder
Founder of http://www.evolvinghumanity.com
Branding, Courage and Visibility for Conscious Business Leaders

Who Can I Have a Conversation With In My Divine Mind?

You can talk to anyone in the room of your own Divine Mind to receive more clarity or greater understanding of why things have happened. It is highly recommended that you call me to guide you through these powerful and intense conversations as they will bring up a lot of memories that need to be released, healed and transformed. Each conversation can bring forth profound RELIEF and a feeling of lightness in the body and peace of mind.

You can talk with your mom or dad, a parent, sibling, husband, wife, partner, spouse, friend, co-worker, boss or anyone you feel a negative energetic charge with.
You can talk with anyone you want to forgive or ask for forgiveness.
You can talk with a loved one who has passed over, or someonewho you never got to express what you wanted to say.
You can talk with your Brilliant Self, your Wise Self or Successful Self to learn more about the right decisions or direction to take.
You can talk with your Inner Inner Selves which I refer to as your inner Fallen Angels such as your inner Mean Self, your Suicidal self, your Angry self, your Sad self, your Little Girl/Boy self.
You can talk with your Guardian Angels about any spiritual matter.
You can talk with your children (if they are living with another parent) and create a bound that is more powerful than the physical.

Aren’t You Tired of Remembering Your Past From a Place of Pain?

We all have our sad stories and the story of your past is meant to serve you in such a way that it inspires you to do the work you do today. The best stories are the ones that are expressed from a place of empowerment. Your story shows the evolution of YOU. Your story shows the lessons you learned and the challenges you overcame and how you became the amazing person you are today.You have the power to let your sad story go and change it into a story of empowerment, the reason you do the great work you do today. You have the power to have a life that is not dictated by the past.

There is only one path to your Divine Mind.

Give yourself permission to go deep within yourself and trust your own process of healing. A learning attitude and an open mind is key. Many people have a difficult time approaching issues or problems in their relationships or in their business due to their fear of conflict. They have developed the belief that, “If I talk about this issue, I will become disappointed or I will disappoint others or I will be hurt or criticized.” Unresolved issues eventually magnify over time causing resentment, blame, and disconnection.

The Divine Mind Conversation was designed to transform the relationship you have with yourself so you can transform the relationships you have with others. It is a powerful tool you can use to face issues in your life without having to face the person directly. Once you are mentally and emotionally prepared you can learn to have the most difficult conversation with anyone. If you begin with the Divine Mind Conversation you will be amazed at how things change in your life and how much easier it is to face others and talk about the most difficult of topics with greater ease and grace. This process shifts the negative energetic charge you have toward others and yourself and prepares you for healthy emotional expression so you can approach anyone, talk about anything and at the same time, keep your vibration above the line.

So how does it work?

I highly recommend having a facilitator guide you through the first time so you are completely aware of the steps involved. You are working with a very intelligent source that lives inside of you, and it must be contained and approached with the deepest of respect. Skipping steps will not give you the desired results. If steps are taken with guidance, the end result is a direct experience of enlightenment (lightening up).

The Divine Mind Conversation is a seven step process that combines creative imagery and self-hypnosis. The complete experience is realized through your imagination. Here you become consciously aware of the sensations in the body that either react or respond to images appearing in your mind. Your imagination offers you insight (inner sight) to see beyond your five senses. If you think you will have a hard time seeing or imagining images within your mind because you haven’t been able to in the past, that is okay. Magic seems to happen as the pineal gland activates, giving you the ability to see full color pictures even if you have never been able to before.

The Divine Mind Conversation will empower you to see yourself from many different angles of reflection. You will know the process is working when the images you are creating cause tears to surface or tingles in your body. You may feel uncomfortable as truth emerges. Then a rush of energy bursts through offering relief and potentially freedom as you now accept and see yourself from a completely new perspective. These are all signs that the process is shifting your internal worlds and releasing negative energy that no longer serves you.

Below is a very brief summary of the seven steps involved.

Step OneEnter your Divine Mind. The Divine Mind Conversation begins with imagining a mansion in your Divine Mind, the unified field of consciousness. Order is restored here. Youthen open the door and enter into a white room known as the Purification Room – no karmic effect in expressing. This space is infused with the highest vibration, enlightened love. Here, any and all dark and negative thoughts, ideas, or forces that create separation are dissolved and transmuted. In this room is a table and three chairs. Two chairs on one side of the room for you and your Brilliant Self (the highest version of who you are) and the third chair is on the other side of the table.

Step Two – Meet The Person You Are Upset With – Now bring forth the person you are upset with or the self, your inner Fallen Angel,  that is causing you the most problems in your life and have them sit across from you. Sometimes it is easier to begin with visualizing someone in your life with whom you have a lot of unresolved anger with. If you have a negative association at the tablewith any family member, friend, or co-worker, then that person has become a Fallen Angel in your mind. For example, if you have a Lazy self or an Exhausted self or a Tired self inside of you (see image to the right) no matter what your BIG VISION is, you will not have the energy to do what you need to do until you acknowledge this inner fallen angel and transform this energy. 

Step Three – Express All Incomplete Communication.
Here you have an opportunity to transform your emotional pain by directing and expressing all the unspoken communication and the truth of how you feel onto the person or the Fallen Angel that sits before you. Give yourself permission to vent with your inner voice instead of your outer voice, which releases all the pent up negative energy that has been suppressed. Whatever you express within your Divine Mind, such as anger, rage, hate, or sadness, in this inner realm, it is instantlynsform him or her. 

transmuted and dissolved into the light without any karmic effect occurring in your physical reality. Do not hold back any emotion. Stay here until the energy in your body has neutralized or you feel relieved, lighter, or liberated. Take a deep breath!

Step Six – Be Open To Receiving the Gift.
Every person or inner self has a divine message for you that can assist you in moving forward. Once the energy projected from your Fallen Angel has neutralized, you can let them know the truth that they are loved and accepted by you. Ask the Fallen Angel before you, “What message do you have for me? What is it you need from me?” Now Listen. Can you commit to their request? Remember, their request must serve your highest good.

Step Four – Become the Observer. Now it is your turn to listen and feel the power of vulnerability by giving the person you are with or your Fallen Angel a voice and listening to every word. Yes, they will express words you have been afraid to hear in your outer life. Some words may shock you. Just breathe deeply and slowly. Learning to listen and observe without taking it personally is the practice. All words are transmuted in the realm of Divine Mind as love is the greatest power. As you observe, you will begin to see that it is only your inner Fallen Angels that hold the seed of anger, or frustration, or hate, or the seed of stress, and so on. Once you recognize and completely understand that the anger, stress, frustration, or any perceived negative emotion you experience, does not come from any external source, you are enlightened. The negative emotions or states only come from the mind, from the inner intelligence of a Fallen Angel. Listen with compassion and have a learning attitude. Breathe deeply!

Step Five – Forgive This Person You begin to shift your vibration when you no longer believe what your Fallen Angels are saying is true. It is their story and you are only here to acknowledge and not judge what they say as wrong or right, good or bad. If you attempt to kick out, throw out, or banish a Fallen Angel, its energy will strengthen. It is your love and forgiveness that will dissolve the negative energetic charge associated with each Fallen Angel. Now you can say within your mind, “Thank you for meeting me here. I am so sorry it took so long for me to see you, hear you and acknowledge you. Please forgive me.” Your soul becomes stronger with each person and with each self you send love too.

Step Seven – Walk into the Light of Integration. Once you have received the message, say, “Thank you”, and then visualize both of you walking through a door and leaving the room of your Divine Mind. You are now in a beautiful garden standing in the sunlight, the light of integration and breathe in the vibration of certainty. The certainty of knowing you have the power to transform darkness into light. Take 3 deep belly breathes. And so it is.

 What Earth Angels are saying…

“I had the most amazing guided healing session with THE love goddess Karen today!!! She’s incredibly intuitive and giving and so had the capacity to BE there for me…so much to process and yet it was done with an ease and flow that felt so natural.  So much gratitude for her willingness to share her gift with me today!  “Karen, your heart is so full of love and I enjoyed being a witness to how you have been given the capacity to hold the space for others.  Absolutely healing on so many levels.  This (your capacity to love ) was a piece of what I experienced through my tears with you; as well as feeling some grief around my own lack of love toward myself.  Very powerful to receive the opportunity to go deep within myself. By the way, your guided meditation released 90% of the low back pain and tension that I had been experiencing for several months! What a relief! I will be speaking about your gifts and your work with others, as I share my story.  I am filled with so much gratitude for having met you Karen. ~ Josette, Vancouver
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