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Remember, all great leaders and successful people hire coaches to improve their performance and way of being so they can fully embrace a beautiful and fulfilling life.


Transformational Coaching Packages Available

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The Freedom Frequency Program

Here you will learn practical and real life practices that will empower you to LIVE ABOVE THE LINE. Here we explore either emotional, sexual, or internal mind programs that may be running and ruining your relationship, career or life. This is a transitional period for men or women and requires dedication and devotion to exploring the truth of who you are as a powerful and brilliant human being.This is a powerful step by step coaching program where you discover how to achieve mental, emotional and spiritual enlightenment (living on the other side of depression, stress, frustration, and old patterns that no longer serve you.).  You are here for a purpose. I empower and prepare you for the dream you are meant to realize.  

6 Month Package

3 One Hour Sessions per month focusing on each issue that needs to be addressed and transformed.
Every 3rd session we meet in my home or Skype call.
Complimentary copy of Living in the Freedom Frequency book.
Two tickets to Empowered Relationships Weekend Workshop

Brilliant Heart Beautiful Life Program (For Women) 

This program was designed for women who are feeling a calling in their heart to dive deeper into themselves and discover their soul purpose.  This program is for women who already have a successful career and are now ready to transition into something new. This program is for you if you are ready to deepen into your spirituality, awaken your heart to loving your life more than ever, and awaken your own authentic self. You will set and accomplish goals in a way that is empowering and exciting. Women give a lot to others and now it is time for them to expand their capacity to receive more love,  peace of mind and soulful purpose. By the time we leave this planet, we want to be able to say that we lived fully, loved fully and lived purposefully.  CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE

6 Month Package

3 One Hour Sessions per month focusing on each issue that needs to be addressed and transformed.
Includes a One Year Beautiful Life Membership
Complimentary copy of Living in the Freedom Frequency book.
Includes 2 Tickets to Empowered Relationships Weekend.

 One Year Package

3 One Hour Sessions per month focusing on the complete Trinity – Health, Love & Relationships and Prosperity.
Includes a One Year Beautiful Life Membership
Complimentary copy of Living in the Freedom Frequency book.
Includes 2 Tickets to Empowered Relationships and Living in the Freedom Frequency Weekend.

Empowering Relationships Program

Relationships are designed to empower. If you do not feel appreciated, respected, fulfilled or adored in your relationship it is time to get off the fence and do something about it. This is for couples or individuals who want to specifically focus on creating a meaningful and fulfilling relationship with their spouse or forgive a family member.  Any relationship can transform into something deep and incredible. Coaching couples or family members is sometimes facilitated together or individually. Learn the skills today so you can bring more harmony and peace into every loving relationship.   

6 Month Package

3 One Hour Sessions per month focusing on each issue that needs to be addressed and transformed.
Couples rotate each week. Every 3rd session you see me as a couple in my home office or Skype if out of province.
Complimentary copy of Living in the Freedom Frequency book.
Two tickets to Empowered Relationship Weekend.


What Clients Are Saying

Rachel Olsen, Holistic Wellness Coaching;



Thank you, of course! I have huge huge gratitude in my heart for you and all you have done for me. For your generosity and support and inspiration, I am in awe. Thank you for your light. for continuing to shine brighter and brighter and encouraging others. You are increasing the light of the whole world! Your work led my to some great truths for my business, but also for myself. You guided me to a higher vibration and thus igniting my inner wisdom, and the courage to follow it.Things are now unfolding for me, at a very comfortable pace that allows me to be in the flow, and have presence in all areas of my life. I am honouring myself and trusting divine inspiration when it comes. It was a pleasure and an honour to work with you, and our group was so perfect. I cherish the relationships I found within it. You are beautiful. I will forever be in anticipation of the next brilliant spark that you will offer the world. Any one looking to take their business to the next level…and beyond…needs to get in on this experience!”With so so much gratitude, 

Jennifae Coburn, Doula, New Dawn Services


Dixie Bennett, Owner of Stillpoint Bodyworks.


I have the fortunate opportunity to have Karen as my coach, guide and mentor. I took her 6 month coaching and attended her Freedom Frequency workshop. I’m so grateful to be in the presence of her wise teachings and guidance. Since working with Karen I have received crystal clear direction and vision on the direction I want to take my business. It was through her loving guidance and superb coaching ability that helped me to see who I really am and embody my true essence completely. I feel more confident, clear and self assured than ever before because I took Karen’s courses. My intention was to create and facilitate more workshops as way to get myself out there more with my business. I can confidently say I have done this and my workshops are filling up! Thanks to Karen and her programs, I shifted how I felt about myself and now I’m beginning to see the results in my life. Thank you Karen for coming across my path when I needed you the most, you have the most beautiful heart and soul and I’m so grateful for your support!”

Rosanna Sardella, Spiritual Guide & Teacher


I knew I needed something and I wasn’t sure where the “Reclaim Your Feminine Power” workshop would take me, but I jumped in and my life has been taking the direction I have longed for.. It was a powerful, healing, weekend. After continuing coaching sessions with Karen I was able to tap into my purpose and the incredible feminine power that resides within. I am grateful for the teachings of self love, the coaching that helped remind me of who I truly am and the support that keeps me brave and full of courage. Three short months ago I never would have imagined I would be on this beautiful life journey. Thank You Karen!!

Shelley Barevich, BareSoul Dance



What Are The Benefits of Hiring a Private Coach? 

Enlightenment is an awakening to a higher state of mind and is available to YOU right now. Negative emotions are heavy while positive emotions are light. The more you lighten up in your emotional state the more happier your life is. You lighten up. You experience enlightenment. I promise to give you 10 times the value and:

Give You Clarity and Direction.
Shed light on issues, problems or challenges you may be facing.
Empower you to Remove Obstacles.
Show you how to view yourself and your reality from a higher and more empowered place.
Show you how to be and feel relaxed, rejuvenated and centered even when the world around you is chaotic.

I am an empowerment coach and a spiritual guide for those who are committed to their own personal development.

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