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The Freedom Frequency

A Hug I Will Always Remember

A hug I will always rememberOn the day my dad got married, April 4th 2014, he said to me, “Karen, this is all happening because I read your book, Living in the Freedom Frequency. Creating a vision of what is truly possible and living a beautiful life no matter what age you are.” The acknowledgement and recognition from my dad penetrated every cell. Tears of joy and a hug I will always remember. I am deeply grateful for my amazing family and the profound transformation we have all said yes too.

My Inner Child

me2Aww, who me? Yes, I will become a woman who believes in herself, however; it will take some time. I will eventually see that every experience I have as I grow up will be divinely designed to guide my adult self back to me, the little girl within. The woman I become will forget me, the beautiful soul I am. Just for a while though. Eventually she will see that all the ups and downs, the pain, the suffering and the tears were all designed to mold her and shape her to the point of opening her heart and loving all parts of herself so deeply that she can become whole again. When she does she will remember me, the little girl inside of her. Then she will do everything she can to make me feel safe and secure so I can play, laugh and enjoy life again. This is when I remind her of her innocence and where she comes from.

Karen Klassen

The Power of I AM


Your world is created by thoughts, feelings and words. What you express out to the world will be reflected back to you. What this means is that how you see yourself is how others will see you. Therefore, it is important to become aware of your thoughts because they become your words.  It is important to see yourself in the highest light so others may see you in the same light.

Here is a powerful video by Paul Santisi who shares the power of “I AM”. Whatever you put after the words “I AM” creates a declaration out to the universe and will become your experience.  I highly recommend you listen to from beginning to end. Headphones are recommended.

The vibration of these words will change your life.

Video by Paul Santisi