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The Freedom Frequency is one of the best-written self-help books I’ve read. (I read over 100 books each year and about 30% are self-help).I liked the layout. I found myself nodding in agreement many times. The content connected with me on many levels. I believe books come into my hands at the right time and this one certainly impacted me at this time. It was also a great reminder of how far I have come in my conscious self-development. While I know the journey is never over, I have made great progress. This confirms that I am ready to share my insights with others and be the Influencer to which I am called. Thank you, Karen, for writing this book.

~ Shelley GoldbeckWriter and Speaker  http://onewomansopinion.com

The wisdom and knowledge in your book is indeed very unique and gained from your life experiences and struggles that you have volunteered to go through in this life to understand the depths of humane suffering. Through your difficulties you have gained understanding on how we can free ourselves from the lower vibrations that cause us misery, pain, disease and endless streams of frustrations.

Your divine knowledge of living above the line is indeed freedom and I am so grateful for this simple yet deep profound truth. Thank you for writing the book so that we can all learn how to vibrate above the line in a place of divine love, joy and peace. The more that we can live in a higher frequency the easier the shift will be for all of humanity. You are truly a Earth Angel!! Much Love and Blessings,

~ Bhawana Clark, Owner of Bhawana Clark Jewelry

As a heart health expert, I would like to recommend this book to anyone trying to battle or prevent a chronic disease. Especially after a traumatic event anyone can get their life back on track and reading a book like this will get you on the path to success.
Karen talks about how the best change starts from within, a must read!

~ Diamond Fernandes, Founder and Director, Heart Fit Clinic http://heartfitclinic.com

This is a thorough blueprint for all of us from a remarkable person who is the Real Deal. Karen doesn’t just talk , she has done her work and it shows.

Dr. Bryan Mallindine, Quantum Transformation LLC, Palm Desert California

The Freedom Frequency by Karen Klassen invites us as readers to learn how to raise our energy vibration from living in fear to living “above the line” in a heart centered life. Written in clear and positive language that is easy to understand, Karen’s book showed me how to transform my negative inner voice into one that supports and encourages me on every step of my journey to living a more positive life. Through each of the 80 Higher Ideas, I was shown how to reconnect with and believe in my true self, and trust my intuition. This book is a must read for anyone looking for encouragement and support on their spiritual journey, it will change your life!”

~ Virtually yours, Lindsay Wilson, Virtual Assistant www.scarlettrosebusinesssolutions.ca

I purchased your wonderful & amazing book – it’s fantastic!! Words cannot express how much I truly thank you for making your book available for purchase & for sharing your knowledge to living life. I just wanted to send you a message of extreme gratitude for what you do – thank you thank you thank you SO SO SO much!!! The subject matter and content discussed in your book are the EXACT and precise answers to questions I’ve been desperately yearning for, and practical applications (like your amazing Freedom Frequency Chart! – what an incredible creation, thank you so much Karen for creating & sharing this wonderful tool!!) on how to raise my vibration (that I can easily understand & implement) are a h-u-g-e help to me continuing on my spiritual path. I am SO touched, moved & l-o-v-e your book that I’d like to buy some copies for my loved ones.

~ Paola Rementeria