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The Power of I AM


Your world is created by thoughts, feelings and words. What you express out to the world will be reflected back to you. What this means is that how you see yourself is how others will see you. Therefore, it is important to become aware of your thoughts because they become your words.  It is important to see yourself in the highest light so others may see you in the same light.

Here is a powerful video by Paul Santisi who shares the power of “I AM”. Whatever you put after the words “I AM” creates a declaration out to the universe and will become your experience.  I highly recommend you listen to from beginning to end. Headphones are recommended.

The vibration of these words will change your life.

Video by Paul Santisi

See the World with New Eyes

One of the major problems we face is that we are too much occupied by ourselves to the extent we can’t be sensitive to the needs of others. Here is an example of a young man frustrated that no one looks out for him until he is given eyes to see the needs of those around him.

Take a moment and watch this mini movie. It will change how you view the world.

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Happy Holidays!

I trust you are experiencing all the joy, peace and love, life can bring. If you are not, remember, you are never alone. I appreciate you and all you do for others. This world is a better place just because you are here. Since this time of year is all about family and the giving and receiving of gifts, I have a short story to share with you.
The Best Gift Ever!
I experienced a dream trip of a lifetime. Yes, a 14 day Panama Cruise with my parents and OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAbrother. What you may not know is that my parents divorced 30 years ago. Since then they both remarried however; a few years ago, my stepdad passed away and then my stepmom passed away. I mentioned to my brother that we should seriously consider taking this cruise that we had been talking about for so many years before anything else happened. Thankfully, my parents are great friends and were thrilled about the idea of the four of us travelling together. So we took inspired action and made it happen.
How amazing it that! And not one argument the entire trip from Miami to Los Angeles. A couple of disagreements but our souls were filled with profound gratitude and we would be in alignment within minutes.  Our secret – forgiveness, gratitude, respect and never take anything personally. This can take a lifetime to master but it is possible.
If you have never been on cruise before, I highly recommend. The experience of standing on the top deck of a grand ship and looking out as far as the eye can see onto an ever expanding view of blue water deeply touches the soul. The energy vibration of water will make you feel cleansed and energized at the core.
I was also able to tick a few more things off my Freedom List.  I got to kiss and play with a dolphin in Cabo, Mexico and zip-lined in Costa Rica. The bonus – I had a celebrity moment on the Stardust Theatre stage as I assisted the famous Ventriloquist, Kenny Bryd with his act. I had to put my hand up a bird’s butt. LOL! The audience loved it. So much fun!
Anything is possible when you remember your own Divine nature. I send love and abundant blessings to you and your family and wish you an EPIC 2014. EPIC darling! EPIC!
Looking forward now to flying home and seeing my beloved Alan who is celebrating Christmas with his amazing kids.  

Love and Gratitude,