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35 Most Amazing Restaurants with a View

By your enlightened love coach | Adventure & Travel

Apr 19


Living in the Freedom Frequency is about having new experiences. Stepping out of the norm and expanding what is possible for you. Do you enjoy travel and adventure? What about eating great food and at the same time having the experience of a life time?

Talk about FLYING HIGH! These restaurants are amazing. The ones in Greece, Italy and of course, this one in China  are on my Freedom List. I have been to the 360 Restaurant in Toronto. 34 more to go. 



Click Here to check out 35 Most Amazing Restaurants with a view and let me know which ones are on your Freedom List. 

About the Author

Hello I am Karen Klassen and I am an Enlightened Love Coach. I have the ability to show you how to fall in love with who you are and to transform any relationship so you can create a heart centered and beautiful life.

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